Bihar's 'tainted' education minister resigns within hours of assuming office
Mewalal ChoudharyIANS (File photo)

Bihar's 'tainted' education minister resigns within hours of assuming office

Patna, November 19, 2020

Bihar Education Minister Mewalal Choudhary, allegedly facing corruption charges in the recruitment of assistant professors and scientists, has resigned. He was sworn in as a cabinet minister just a few days ago along with Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

Choudhary met Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Wednesday. An hour after assuming office on Thursday, he resigned as education minister.

Earlier on Thursday, Choudhary had assumed charge of the education ministery. The opposition has been attacking the government over allegation of corruptions against the education minister ever since his name was announced.

JD (U) General Secretary K.C. Tyagi said, "Nitish Kumar's identity is a leader with a difference in politics," Tyagi said. "Democracy runs on ethics and public morality. That is why, since allegations of corruption have been levelled against him, he has resigned from the post of education minister."

It may be recalled that the RJD has been attacking the CM about the appointment. On Wednesday, Tejashwi Yadav had taken to Twitter to say. "By appointing Mewalal Choudhary, involved in assistant professor recruitment scam and corruption in building constructions as education minister, has the CM given him a free hand to indulge in more corruption and loot?" asked Tejashwi.


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