5 Rajasthan cities record below zero degree temperatures
People warming themselves around a fire on a cold night in Jaipur, Rajasthan. (Photo: Ravi Shankar Vyas/IANS)

5 Rajasthan cities record below zero degree temperatures

Jaipur, December 28, 2019

Five cities in Rajasthan witnessed the minimum temperature plunge below zero degrees, according to weather authorities.
On Friday night, Fatehpur recorded -3 degrees Celsius, Jobner -2 degrees, Abu -1.5 degrees, Sikar -0.8 degree and Churu -.6 degrees.
Other cities which witnessed temperatures below five degrees were Pilani (0.4), Rajsamand (1.4), Ganganagar (1.4), Alwar (2.0), Udaipur (3.2), Jaipur (4.0), Ajmer (4.0) and Ramganjmandi (4.0).
Jaipur at 4 degrees Celsius was the coldest in the month of December in the last five years, while Jodhpur recorded 4.4 degrees which was the lowest in 35 years.
Meanwhile, the Met Department has warned of cold wave conditions and dense fog in different parts of the state till Saturday.

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