Worldwide COVID-19 cases cross 174.567 million, death toll climbs to 3.764 million
A poster put up to urge people to take the COVID-19 vaccination, in Berlin, German, on May 19, 2021.Stefan Zeitz/Xinhua/IANS

Worldwide COVID-19 cases cross 174.567 million, death toll climbs to 3.764 million

Washington, June 10, 2021

The total number of confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) worldwide, since the pandemic broke out in late 2019, climbed to 174.567 million today while the global death toll surged to 3.764 million.

A dashboard maintained by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at the Johns Hopkins University, which is tracking the pandemic, showed that the United States remained the worst-hit country with 598,546 deaths and a total of 33.422 million cases of infection so far.

India is in second place, in terms of cases of infection, at 29.183 million as of this morning, while it is placed third in the world in terms of deaths at 359,676.

Brazil has reported more than 17.122 million cases of infection, the third highest in the world, while, in terms of the number of deaths, it is second after the US, at 479,515.

Mexico has reported the fourth highest number of deaths at 229,353 with a total of 2,441,866 cases so far, the 15th highest.

France has recorded the fourth highest number of cases at 5,791,600 with 110,432 deaths so far.

Turkey has reported 5,313,098 cases of infection, the fifth highest, but the number of deaths in that country is relatively lower at 48,524.

Russia is the sixth country to cross five million cases of infection so far at 5,108,217 with 123,178 deaths till now.

The United Kingdom, in the seventh place, has reported 4,558,926 cases and 128,131 deaths so far. Italy is in the eighth place at 4,239,868 cases so far and 126,855 deaths.

The last two spots in the list of ten most affected countries are taken up by Argentina, with 4,038,528 cases and 83,272 deaths so far and Spain with 3,729,458 cases and 80,465 deaths.


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