How a trip to Pakistan's popular tourist spot turned into a nightmare

Photo released by Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) showing  Pakistani soldiers carrying out rescue work in Murree, northern Pakistan, on January 8, 2022. (ISPR/Handout via Xinhua/IANS)

How a trip to Pakistan's popular tourist spot turned into a nightmare

Islamabad, January 9, 2022

Murree, the most loved tourist spot in Pakistan, located at an altitude of 2,291 meters, became the worst nightmare for thousands of tourists who went to the hill station only to get caught in a deadly snowstorm.

It was the snowing season in Murree that attracted hundreds of thousands of tourists to start their journey towards the heartland, not knowing that their trip would turn into their most dreaded experience.

The past 48 hours saw a massive downpour of snow in Murree and surrounding mountain areas, stranding thousands of vehicles on the roads, left to the mercy of the snowstorm's icy hands and an unpredicted fate.

As authorities struggled to clean the routes filled with at least 4 feet of snow, thousands of tourists, stranded in the traffic jam, spent the night in their cars.

Many kept their car engines and heaters on to keep themselves safe from the chilling snow piling up on the outside.

Three best friends -- Sohail Khan, Asad and Bilal, who joined together to take a joy ride to Murree and enjoy the snowfall, were among some of the ill-fated travellers, whose journey took their life.

Sohail, Asad and Bilal got stranded in the traffic and the snow-covered road leading to Murree. They kept their car engine on to keep the heater running. However, with snow piling up all round their car, it choked the silencer, making carbon mono-oxide flow back into the car, making all three dizzy and later becoming the reason for their death.

Locals discovered the three, who were unconscious in the car. By the time the car's doors were opened, all three had died of suffocation.

Another family of eight, including women and young children were also among 22 unfortunate victims, who were found dead in their cars. The ill-fated family included Islamabad Police officer, ASI Naveed Iqbal, his 43-year-old wife and at least six kids (four daughters and two sons).

The snowstorm in Murree broke the records of the past 30 years. The rescue authorities, police and army personnel were seen reaching out to the stranded cars and tourists, moving them to safer locations, while machineries kept working to clear the heavy snow on the roads.

Murree is a hotspot for tourists and has a parking capacity of at least 4,000 vehicles. However, the first spell of snow attracted huge numbers of tourists and, as per estimates, at least 1,50,000 vehicles had already entered into Murree while thousands more were stranded on the roads.

The loss of at least 22 innocent lives tells a lot about the lack of infrastructure in the country's most loved tourist spot.

Locals have questioned the disaster response capabilities of the Imran Khan-led government, who they say has been promoting tourism, but failing to ensure proper infrastructure for the safety of the tourists.


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