File photo of Russian Prime Minister Vladmir Putin.
File photo of Russian Prime Minister Vladmir Putin.

Russian President Putin writes to Pranab Mukherjee, Pratibha Patil

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Moscow, July 24, 2012

Russian President Vladimir Putin today congratulated former Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee on his election as the next President of India and also conveyed his best wishes to outgoing President Pratibha Patil at the end of her tenure.
"The friendly Indian state is now headed by a prominent political leader who significantly and personally contributed to the development of mutually beneficial and fruitful Russian-Indian ties, particularly as the Chairman of the Inter-Governmental Commission on Trade, Economic, Scientific, Technological and Cultural Cooperation," Mr Putin said in his message to Mr Mukherjee, who is due to assume office tomorrow morning.
"Our countries are linked by the centuries-long friendship and mutual affection among our people. These relations represent an important factor in forming a just multipolar world order. I am convinced that they will consistently develop further.
"From the bottom of my heart I wish you, Mr Mukherjee, sound health, prosperity and all success at the highest state post, for the benefit of India and stronger Russian-Indian cooperation," he said.
In his letter to Ms Patil, he praised her for her wisdom and strategic vision and expressed his gratitude to her for her extensive work to strengthen cooperation between the two countries.
"It was during your presidential term that Russian-Indian relations have reached the level of privileged strategic partnership.
"Our country will remember your Su-30 MKI fighter flight, as well as your participation in a military exercise in a T-90 tank. These are truly brave and admirable feats," he said.
"I am convinced that mutually beneficial Russia-India ties will continue to develop consistently in the future, too. I wish you, Mrs Patil, best of health, happiness, prosperity and success in all your endeavours," Mr Putin added.