Global COVID-19 death toll rises to 311,781; total cases reach 4.634 million
A food distribution event held by The Food Bank of the Southern Tier in Windsor, New York on May 15, with many of the supplies coming from the state's "Nourish New York Initiative," providing 500 families with assistance. Image: New York Governor's Office

Global COVID-19 death toll rises to 311,781; total cases reach 4.634 million

Washington, May 17, 2020

The global death toll due to coronavirus (COVID-19) has gone up to 311,781, according to the dashboard maintained by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at the Johns Hopkins University, which is tracking the pandemic.

Data posted by the CSSE on its website today showed that the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide had gone up to 4.634 million.

The United States continued to be the worst-hit country with more than 1.467 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 88,754 deaths so far.

Within the US, New York state accounted for 28,049 deaths, followed by 10,261 deaths in New Jersey, 5,705 in Massachusetts and 4,881 in Michigan.

After the US, the United Kingdom has recorded the most number of deaths at 34,566 with a total of 241,461 cases of infection so far.

With a spike in the number of cases in recent days, Russia has emerged as the country with the second highest case load after the US at 272,043, though the number of deaths there is comparitively lower at 2,537.

Italy has reported the third highest number of deaths at 31,763 with 224,760 cases in all so far, followed by Spain with 27,563 deaths and 230,698 cases and France with 27,532 deaths and a total of 179,630 cases.

Among other European countries, Belgium has recorded 9,005 deaths so far, Germany 7.938, the Netherlands 5,689 and Sweden 3,674.

Brazil, which has reported 15,662 deaths so far, has emerged as the country with the fourth highest number of confirmed cases at 233,511.

Among other countries, Iran has reported 6,937 deaths, Canada 5,800, Mexico 5,045 and Turkey 4,096.

India is now placed 11th in the world in terms of total cases of infection, which was 85,940 as of Saturday morning, and 16th in terms of the number of deaths, which was 2,752.

China, where the pandemic first broke out in December before it spread to more than 200 countries, territories and areas around the world, has reported a total of 82,941 cases and 4,633 deaths so far. No new deaths have been reported by China for several days now.


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