Global COVID-19 cases cross 23 million, death toll goes past 800,000
People wearing face masks crossing a busy street in Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia, on August 21, 2020. Xinhua/Michael Tewelde/IANS

Global COVID-19 cases cross 23 million, death toll goes past 800,000

Washington, August 23, 2020

The total number of confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) cases across the world has crossed the 23 million-mark to touch 23,239,310 while the global death toll has increased to 805,230.

A dashboard maintained by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at the Johns Hopkins University, which is tracking the pandemic, showed that the United States continued to be the worst-hit country with 176,372 deaths and a total of more than 5.668 million cases so far.

Within the US, New York state accounted for 32,871 deaths, followed by 15,943 deaths in New Jersey, 12,140 in California, 11,581 in Texas, 10,274 in Florida, 8,921 in Massachusetts, 8,083 in Illinois, 7,555 in Pennsylvania and 6,655 in Michigan.

Brazil is in second place after the US, with a total of more than 3.582 million cases and 114,250 deaths so far.

India is in the third spot in terms of the total number of cases, which stood at 3,044,940 as of this morning. India is in the fourth place as far as the number of deaths is concerned, which stood at 56,706 today.

Mexico has reported the third highest number of deaths at 60,254 with a total of 556,216 cases so far -- the seventh highest in the world.

The United Kingdom has reported the fifth highest number of deaths at 41,509, with a total of 326,595 cases so far -- the 13th highest in the world.

Italy is in sixth place in terms of the number of deaths at 35,430 with 258,136 cases in all so far, the 18th highest in the world.

Russia is in the fourth place in terms of the number of cases so far, at 954,328 with 16,341 deaths, the 12th highest among all countries.

South Africa has seen a surge of cases in recent days and it now stands in fifth place with 607,045 cases and 12,987 deaths -- the 13th highest in the world.

France has recorded 30,517 deaths and 275,562 cases and Spain 28,838 deaths and 386,054 cases.

Among other countries, Peru has reported 27,245 deaths, Iran 20,502, Colombia 16,968, Chile 10,792, Belgium 9,988, Germany 9,275 and Canada 9,117.

In South Asia, Pakistan has reported 292,765 cases and 6,235 deaths so far while Bangladesh has reported 294,598 cases and 3,941 deaths.

China, where the pandemic first broke out in December before it spread around the world, has reported 4,634 deaths so far on the mainland, with no new deaths reported in the past several weeks.


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