IIM Ahmedabad to introduce Post-Graduate Programme in Advanced Business Analytics

New Delhi, October 10, 2019

The Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA) today said it would offer a Post Graduate Programme in Advanced Business Analytics (PGP-ABA), a 16-month post-graduate diploma, from the academic year 2020.
The institute, generally regarded as India's top business school, said this was being done  at a time when, with the deluge of digital data, data-driven decision making has now become an integral part of the efficient functioning of every organization, and more generally of society at large. 
Prof. Errol D’Souza, Director, IIMA said, “Along with the growth in processing power we are witnessing the growth of large pools of unstructured data which have embedded information that can be beneficially used for the good of organizations and societies. This course enables those who take it to deploy appropriate methodologies so as to extricate significant information from data and enrich decision-making that unlocks value for all stakeholders.”
A press release from the institute said the PGP-ABA is designed to help working professionals to acquire essential skills and knowledge for asking the right questions, addressing it with analysis of the right kind of data, and finally drive the decisions with the insights gained from the analysis to drive decisions. The programme thus provides a framework for transforming data into insights that are coupled into an effective business decision making process. 
"In a nutshell, the programme will focus on building blended expertise in data 'literacy', data processing and business acumen. We strongly believe that this unique blended competency is the requirement in the Analytics profession today," it said.
"The PGP-ABA curriculum is designed to give the participants in-depth exposure to the analytics tools and techniques, and prepare them to solve business problems across industry verticals and functional domains using data. The course is geared towards enhancing the analytical problem-solving ability of the students through structured coursework. The students will be exposed to state-of-the-art data handling tools and techniques, followed by a rigorous and comprehensive coverage of analytical methods and model development techniques, which are immediately applicable to cutting-edge business problems," it said.
Prof. Tathagata Bandyopadhyay, Chairperson, PGP-ABA, IIMA, added, “IIMA believes in delivering high-quality programmes, with emphasis on experiential learning and this programme is no exception. Besides explaining the theoretical underpinning of the tools and techniques, emphasis will be given on hands-on learning using a variety of data sets from various domains of applications. Finally, you will be exposed to the domain-specific application of analytics in two chosen domains from different business vertical and Public Policy.”
The objective of PGP-ABA programme is to upskill and prepare students for future in taking up leadership positions and shouldering more significant responsibilities in the organization. The programme delivery is through a thoughtful mix of online, and on-campus sessions, the release added.
More details about the course are available here.

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