PM has first public engagements after surgery
Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh lighting the Holika.

PM has first public engagements after surgery

More than six weeks after he underwent a coronary bypass surgery, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh attended two public engagements today as he makes quick progress towards a full recovery.
In the morning, Dr Singh had a meeting with girls from the Urdu medium schools of Delhi on the occasion of Milad-un-Nabi. Talking to them, the Prime Minister said the country could not prosper until the women of the country progress and girls are given equal opportunities to study in schools and colleges. He said the country's Constitution gave full freedom to the people to practise any religion of their choice, but it did not give anyone the licence to criticise or run down other religions. The Prime Minister also expressed satisfaction over the good results of the Urdu medium schools, saying that Urdu language was a living example of India's Ganga-Jamuna "tehzeeb". He said that his government had done much to promote Urdu, and assured that it would continue to do all that was necessary to promote the language. In the evening, Dr Singh lit the "holika" on the eve of Holi festival and exchanged greetings with people present on the occasion. Last week, the Prime Minister had held an official meeting with the visiting President of Benin. INT
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