Indirect tax collections up 36.8% in October at Rs.58,691 crore

Indirect tax revenue collections increased by 36.8 percent to  Rs. 58, 691 crore in October this year from Rs. 42, 897 crore in the same month of last year, an official statement said here today, quoting provisional data.
Cumulatively, indirect tax collections increased by 35.9% to Rs. 3,82,860 crore during April-October 2015 from Rs. 2,81,798 crore during the same period of 2014, it said.
According to the statement, c ollections on account of Central Excise increased from Rs.87,588 crore in April-October 2014 to Rs.1, 47,685 crore in April-October 2015, an increase of 68.6 %. 
In the case of Service Tax, collections increased from Rs. 89,379 crore in April-October 2014 to Rs. 1, 12,727 crore in April-October 2015, up 26.1 %. 
Collections on account of Customs increased from Rs. 1, 04,831 crore in April-October 2014 to Rs. 1, 22,448 crore in April-October 2015, registering an increase of  16.8 %.
"These collections reflect in part increase due to additional measures taken by the Government from time to time, including the excise increases on diesel and petrol, the increase in clean energy cess, the withdrawal of exemptions for motor vehicles, capital goods and consumer durables, and from June 2015, the increase in Service Tax rates from 12.36% to 14%.
"However, stripped of all these additional measures, indirect tax collections increased by 11.6% during April-October 2015 as compared to April-October 2014. These collections continue to suggest a healthy growth in the underlying tax base," the release added.
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