Women in Tanzania grow "Mwani" (seaweed in Swahili). The farms are made up of little sticks in neat rows in the warm, shallow water. Once they harvest the seaweed, it is used for many purposes: food, cosmetics, fabric, etc.

A deep dive into Zero Hunger: the seaweed revolution

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Soumitra Chattopadhyay: Bangla cinema's Alt Superstar

By Vinayak Chakravorty/IANS

Gandhi in the Gallery: The Art Of Disobedience

By Vijay Lokapally

Humour writing suffers from benign neglect in India: Writer Khyrunnisa A.

By Vijay Lokapally

A modern rendition of Bandhini by Ritu Kumar

The Beauty of Bandhani

By Sujata Assomull/IANSLife

A child in Guinéa Conakry recieves the polio vaccine. Health workers in eight African countries will mobilise to tackle outbreaks of a highly contagious new form of the disease said to be vaccine-derived.

Can new polio vaccine avert nightmare of resurgence?

By Aisling Irwin

Solstice ring of fire solar eclipse on June 21

Solstice ring of fire solar eclipse on June 21

By T.V.Venkateswaran/India Science Wire