Benhail Antao and Louise Remedios in the new season of "Goa's Wildest" which will begin on the National Geographic television channel August 20, 2022.
Benhail Antao and Louise Remedios in the new season of "Goa's Wildest" which will begin on the National Geographic television channel August 20, 2022.Photo: National Geographic

National Geographic to launch ‘Goa’s Wildest’ new season on August 20

New Delhi, August 19, 2022

The National Geographic television channel will launch the new season of "Snakes SOS: Goa’s Wildest" on August 20 at 8 pm on the snake rescue efforts of the Indian duo Ben and Louise across Goa.

The series will follow the lives of Benhail Antao and Louise Remedios, who are luxurious wedding planners by profession and wildlife rescuers by passion and capture some of their riveting snake rescue operations.

The duo will be seen battling the Goan heat and racing across the city to rescue some of the wildest reptiles that are seen crawling in the city. The 10-part series will give viewers an up-close and personal experience of the techniques used by the duo in action, showcasing the challenges and issues associated with wildlife and busting the myths associated with the majestic snake species.

“At National Geographic, we believe in bringing our viewers relevant stories that create impact and drive meaningful conversations about the world we live in. Snakes have always been an integral part of Indian mythology and culture and with the series - ‘Snakes SOS’, we hope to instil in people a sense of responsibility and affection for the species.

“On the heels of a super successful Season 1, we are glad to have Ben and Louise take us all on another action-fueled journey to enlighten, entertain and educate our viewers about the world of snakes,” said a National Geographic spokesperson.

“We are extremely happy with the immense love and support that we received for the first season and with a credible brand like National Geographic, we were able to raise awareness around snake rescues, educate viewers about the importance of snakes around our surroundings and how to co-exist with them. We are excited to share the thrill with our viewers all over again and look forward to treating our viewers with some interesting rescues while also instilling empathy in people towards our beautiful wildlife,” Benhail and Louise said.

This season, viewers will get to experience one of the longest rescues that Ben and Louise have ever attempted - a python stuck in a well that needed 25 days of waiting, tracking and finally a fire brigade that helped Ben get the python out of the well.

It is also a season for eggs and babies. A very special Russell’s viper that gave birth to 47 young ones and a mama python rescued that laid over 15 eggs. A midnight rescue - a cobra stuck in tar that was driven 70 km to a vet who would work the whole night with Ben to remove the tar and give it a second chance at life.

Snakes SoS is produced by three-time Green Oscar winner Mike Pandey’s Riverbanks Studio, a well-known name in Wildlife and Conservation for over 40 years.

"Snakes SOS: Goa’s Wildest" will air every Monday-Tuesday at 8.00 pm starting August 20 on National Geographic in India.


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