Kota Factory 2: Insightful series on problems of IIT aspirants
A scene from Kota Factory 2

Kota Factory 2: Insightful series on problems of IIT aspirants

New Delhi, October 21, 2021

In one of the episodes of Kota Factory 2 , an IIT aspirant, who finds himself bewildered and confused by the IIT coaching classes held in the city of Kota, wonders as to why one needs to go through the intense drill to prepare for IIT when one can get admission to any other engineering college in one's city.

The students' query elicits a classic reply from Jeetu bhaiya, the iconic character from first season of Kota Factory of an IIT coach who is on the wish list of every IIT aspirant in Kota.

"No, it is not necessary that you go to the IIT. Appear for the IIT entrance exam because it is a tough nut to crack and because having a go at tough tasks gives a boost to your confidence," Jeetu bhaiya tells the confused IIT aspirant.

It is many such life lessons given by Jeetu bhaiya that form the highlight of the second season of Kota Factory, lending it the same inspirational value that made Season 1 an iconic and a must-watch show for the youth, in general, and IIT aspirants, in particular.

If Season 1 saw Jeetu bhaiya (Jitendra Kumar) put his students at ease with his informal style of coaching and his friendly interaction, Season 2 sees him mesmerize his students with life altering lessons which are not only meant to prepare them for becoming better professionals but also better human beings who are completely in charge of their lives.

Season 2 of Kota Factory witnesses IIT aspirant Vaibhav (Mayur More) embark on his journey to prepare for the IIT entrance examination with the Maheshwari Classes. The atmosphere at Maheshwari Classes is a sea change from the friendly style of coaching at the Prodigy Classes. It is a totally "professional" environment where the only ones who matter are the toppers while the rest are left to cope with the pace of the toppers.

At the orientation session itself, the owner of Maheshwari Classes, as if taking a cue from Viru Sahasrabuddhe of Three Idiots, makes it absolutely clear to the students that only a handful of them would make it to the IIT, a speech that leaves most aspirants with a dampened spirit.

In this gloomy scenario, Jeetu bhaiya comes across as an oasis of hope for the IIT aspirants who keeps them in high spirits, encouraging them to give their best shot to the IIT entrance examination.

The various episodes give a deep insight into the minds of the various IIT aspirants as they go about their preparation for the top engineering entrance exam.

While focussing on the basics of preparation for the IIT, the director also touches upon the problems faced by students in their personal life which pertain to love, romance and friendship.

Like the previous season, performances are the USP of Kota Factory 2.

Jitendra Kumar again excels as friendly IIT coach Jeetu bhaiya who has earned a huge fan following among IIT aspirants with his innovative teaching methods. He is the fulcrum around whom the entire series revolves. He also lends an inspirational value to the show.

Mayur More impresses as Vaibhav who makes a transition from the informal style of coaching at Prodigy Classes to the professional coaching style at Maheshwari Classes. Ranjan Raj and Alam Khan make their presence felt with roles of Meena and Uday.

The rest of the cast, including Revati Pillai, Urvi Singh and Ahsaas Channa, lend able support.

My rating: 3.5/5


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