Dhoop Ki Deewar: emotional tale of grief and loss binding people from India and Pakistan

Dhoop Ki Deewar: emotional tale of grief and loss binding people from India and Pakistan

New Delhi, July 26, 2021

"Dushman ka gham bhi to ek hi hai" (the enemy's pain and suffering is also the same as ours), says the son of an indian war martyr in one scene from Dhoop Ki Deewar, being streamed on Zee 5.

This one line forms the crux of Dhoop Ki Deewar, a Pakistani web series which tells the tale of the pain and grief of families of martyrs in India and Pakistan.

The series strives to emphasise the message of futility of the long-drawn conflict and war-like situation between the two neighbouring countries.

They may have been estranged neighbours for over seven decades in the post-independence history of India but amid all the bitterness and the hate that has defined the relationship between India and Pakistan all these years, there is a common sentiment of grief and loss that binds people of both the countries.

It is this common feeling of love, loss and grief that forms the core of Dhoop Ki Deewar.

Sara (Sajad Aly) and Vishal (Ahad Raza Mir ) have lost their fathers in the war between India and Pakistan. Consequently, the families of Sara and Vishal have tagged each other as a family from a "dushman desh" (enemy country).

An online chat between Sara and Vishal changes their perspective towards each other and towards the neighbouring country. Drawn together by the common feelings of loss and grief, they suddenly realise the futility of war and begin to wonder how long will this spectre of deaths continue.

Dhoop Ki Deewar takes viewers through the emotional story of the families of martyrs on both sides of the border as they come to terms with the loss of their loved ones.

It shows how, beneath the show of enmity for the family from the "enemy country", a similar sense of loss, grief and pain pervades both the families and that the feeling of grief of having lost a loved one is same for the families on both sides of the border.

The web series is also critical towards the media in heightening a sense of conflict between the two countries

Through several scenes in Dhoop Ki Deewar, the director has highlighted the fact that amid the war and the conflict between the two neighbouring countries, several common factors bind their people.

For example, in one scene, members of a family in Pakistan are seen to exhibit their deep love for Bollywood films and stars. In another scene, two indian families are seen discussing that Pakistani dramas are a favourite among the people of India.

The story by Umera Ahmad (who earlier penned the popular Pakistani web series Zindagi Gulzar Hai) makes an emotional pitch for ending the state of conflict between India and Pakistan. Through several scenes and episodes in the web series, the director Haseeb Hassan has managed to effectively put across the message that peace is better than war.

The highlights of the web series are its performances. Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly are impressive as Vishal and Sara, children of martyrs from india and Pakistan who are trying to come to terms with the death of their fathers.

While Ahad Raza Mir comes across well as Vishal, Sajal Ali, who earlier played the role of Sridevi's daughter in Mom, is endearing as Sarah. Your heart feels for the two youngsters as you watch them trying to come to terms with life after deaths of their fathers.

Zaib Rehman, Manzal Sehbal, Samiya Mumtaz, Savera Nadeem and Samina Ahmed lend able support as family members of Vishal and Sarah.

The music of the web series is soothing and makes you introspect on the futility of the state of conflict between the two countries.

Overall, Dhoop ki Deewar is a heart tugging story of grief and loss binding people from India and Pakistan.

My rating; 4/5 - one for the story, one for screenplay, one for direction and one for performances by Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Ali.


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