Short stories on basics of Islam for the young generation

Short stories on basics of Islam for the young generation

New Delhi, December 16, 2020

Short Stories from Islam is an offering from Ziya Us Salam known for his writings on cinema and culture. In recent time he has authored thought-provoking books that deal with various aspects of Islam and his works have received splendid reviews for their wise perspective.

With this book of short stories, Ziya ventures into a field which is actually close to his heart. He has always believed in reaching out to the young generation to basically “educate them in the basics of a religion so misunderstood in these times.”

Published by Om Books International, the book is a collection of five stories told in an engaging script for the young readers. It begins with The Threshold which emphasizes the need to be grateful to Allah for enjoying a happy life.

The second story of the book highlights Prophet Musa, “the prophet mentioned most often in the glorious Quran” and Prophet Shuaib, who preached the “virtues of honesty in trade.”

The chapter on Building the Kaabah is quite informative regarding raising the foundations of the House of Kaabah followed by the story on History of the Zam-Zam well that never dries.

The fifth story deals with the importance of saying “In Sha Allah (God Willing).” It gives a layer of protection," writes Ziya, who adds, “This story on the importance of In Sha Allah is mentioned in Surah Kahf of the Quran."

Among other titles in this series are Gandhi, Sai Baba, Mother Teresa, Guru Nanak, Rabindranath Tagore, Mahavir and Bhagat Singh.


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