Madhurima Roy in two promising ALTBalaji shows streaming from November
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Madhurima Roy in two promising ALTBalaji shows streaming from November

Mumbai, November 12, 2020

ALTBalaji has been quite gracious to the ever-stunning actress, Madhurima Roy. Well, she has back-to-back web series lined up for this month to showcase her talent. How amazing is that?! Madhurima Roy will be seen in November’s highly-anticipated ALTBalaji dramas, Mum Bhai and Dark 7 White.

Before we see her shine, let’s get a sneak peek of the two contrasting characters that she’ll soon essay on-screen:

Mum Bhai

90s ki gunda gardi. Uski maara mari. Aur vo race jaha chalana tha sabko apne hukum ka ikka. Kya role tha ye sab ke bich Madhurima Roy ka? Well, she is the only woman in Mum Bhai web series that can make everyone groove to her beat. Aur ye hai humari Ranjana- the heartbeat of the show. Jiske aashik the aage piche aur upar neeche!!

The recently launched song, ‘Imported Sharaab’ gives you a glimpse of Madhurima’s latke chatko ka kamaal in Mum Bhai web series. Doesn’t she look ravishing in the song? Well, surprisingly, this is her first time ever to play such a character. She is seen in the role of a bar dancer alongside a huge cast of the show. Watch Mum Bhai online to get to know her better in the series.

Speaking of her never-seen-before avatar, Ranjana in Mum Bhai, Madhurima Roy said, “I've had the opportunity of playing many versatile characters in all of my projects so far, and this is yet another one. I'm playing a Bar dancer, very crucial to the context of the story. She's forthright, knows what she wants and wouldn't let any stone unturned. Very different from all the roles I've played so far, definitely something very challenging.”

Dark 7 White

Ek khel. Saat Khiladi. Aur inmein se ek thi humari Neelu. Neelu? Kaun Neelu? Well, give it up for Madhurima Roy (Neelu) seen once again on ALTBalaji. This time around, she is seen as one of the prime suspects in Yudhveer Singh Rathore’s murder case. In fact, she is the suspect number one in this whole fiasco.

ALTBalaji recently gave us all a glimpse of Neelu’s story on their Instagram account. They shared a clip of Neelakshi aka Neelu played by Madhurima with a caption, “Meet Neelu, suspect no. 1. This damsel in distress was madly in love with Yudi. Bhale hi Yudi se woh validation nahi mila could that be the reason to kill Yudi? Will she be able to answer who killed Yudi? #Dark7White, streaming 24th Nov on #ALTBalaji.”

While many think she is lucky to have Yudi since the first year of their college, it was only Neelu who knew the real chaos behind her love story. Despite Yudi’s lack of validation on their relationship, she continued to go all out of her ways to make him happy. And yet, Yudi did not end up marrying her. Is this the catch to kill him? Was it the jealousy? Or was it the hate that made her take his life? Did she really murder him? Well, all we can tell you is wait and watch Dark 7 White online from 24th November on ALTBalaji.

Mum Bhai and Dark 7 White are ALTBalaji’s two promising action-thrillers of the month. Both these stories are packed with groundbreaking performances and an enticing storyline. So catch Madhurima Roy dazzle in both these shows exclusively on ALTBalaji. Hurry!!


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