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Kerala: Film body wants young Malayalam actor to clarify his remarks


Thiruvananthapuram, June 18, 2020

A tongue-in-cheek remark by young Malayalam actor Neeraj Madhav has raised eyebrows in the film industry in Kerala.

B Unnikrishnan, the head of FEFKA (the body of all organisations from light boys to directors, barring the actors), has sent a letter to the actors body -- AMMA -- expressing their displeasure over Madhav's remark where he says there is a tendency in the industry here to cull the fortunes of upcoming actors.

The letter states that, rather than coming out with a general statement, Neeraj should be specific about who is he referring to, instead of putting all on the firing line. If there is any such prevalence, the association will ensure that such people do not have a place in the industry, it said.

Madhav had written on social media that he is speaking out, following Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput's suicide, about the difficulties young actors face.

He had mentioned that it was the networking one has that decides the success in the industry. Citing his personal experience, he said, that looking back in his brief career that began in 2013, he has earned less than an actress' hairdresser.

Madhav by now has acted in over 20 films and has got meaty roles in box office successes like Drishyam, Oru Indian Pranyakatha, 1983, Oru Vadaken Selfie, Oru Mexican Aparatha, to name a few.

Incidentally this remark and the counter to it has come at a time when the Producer's Association has demanded if the industry has to go forward during the toughest COVID-19 times , the actors and others have to seriously think of reducing their remuneration .

The coming days will reveal how well has the Malayalam film industry taken the remarks of Madhav, as all are getting ready to meet to discuss how the industry can beat the pandemic and move forward.