German organist, seven Indians for  New Delhi YMCA virtual X-mas event
Lydia Joan

German organist, seven Indians for New Delhi YMCA virtual X-mas event

New Delhi, December 9, 2020

New Delhi YMCA has organised an online event, exclusively for pipe organists, on December 12 in an effort to bring the strains of Christmas music to Indian homes.

Pipe organ is the largest musical instrument, mainly installed in churches.

Saturday's event, "Christmas Music on Pipe Organ" will see seven organists play Christmas music at churches in five different locations in India-- Ranchi, Secunderabad, Lucknow, Delhi and Bengaluru. They will be joined by one German organist, Markus Kras, a world-class concert performer and teacher, who will perform in Bonn, Germany.

The initiative has come at a time when Christmas festivities around the world have taken a big hit this year due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Even church services on Christmas day will be mainly online.

The event will be live on Zoom platform (Meeting ID: 974 2305 6442 Passcode: 855333) and will be simultaneously stream live on Facebook also.

"It is a matter or great honour for us that the cream of Indian organists and a world class performer from Germany has agreed to perform for us,’’ said Norris Pritam, Vice-President of New Delhi YMCA and one of the members of the organsing committee.

Rajdeep Singh and Manish Ecka will perform at churches in Ranchi while Lydia Joan will play at the historic Cathedral Church of the Redemption in New Delhi.

Retd Naval Commander T M J Champion and Joshua Virender, a senior music teacher, will perform at Secunderabad while Andrew Bhagyanathan will be playing on an 1818 vintage pipe organ at St Andrew's Church in Bengaluru.

Usually youngsters go door-to-door at night singing Christmas carols. But this year there will be no carol singing, at least in groups or by choirs.

In the national capital, the Festival of Choirs used to be a major event during Christmas week. For years, New Delhi YMCA has been organising the event in which eight to ten choirs used to perform. It was a much sought after event in Delhi. But this year there will be no such festival.

"Initially we were sad that there will be no major event and therefore we planned an online event. But seeing the response I can say we did the right thing and I am sure our online musical is going to be a big hit,’’ said Mark Clive, General Secretary of the New Delhi YMCA.


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