Actress Kareena Kapoor with her just-released book, Pregnancy Bible, in Mumbai on August 9, 2021.
Actress Kareena Kapoor with her just-released book, Pregnancy Bible, in Mumbai on August 9, 2021.

Kareena Kapoor's book, 'Pregnancy Bible', is out

New Delhi, August 11, 2021

Pregnancy can be a stressful period for most women and many of them tend to cut back on daily chores and professional work during this period, preferring to rest and stay at home, if possible.

Not for actress Kareena Kapoor Khan, who went about her regular work, including shooting for her ads and film projects, even during the peak of her pregnancy.

In her new book, "Pregnancy Bible", the Bollywood diva reveals that she shot for Aamir Khan's Laal Singh Chaddha and her other projects during the peak of her second pregnancy.

In a chat after the release of her book, Kareena said that she not only shot for Laal Singh Chaddha during that period but, in fact, even eight months into her pregnancy, she was doing endorsements and completing her film projects.

'I am the happiest when I am doing my work. So I did all my shoots while following all the Covid-19 protocols. There was of course the fear at the back of my mind that me or my child could get Covid.

"However, I am blessed to have got full support from my family through my pregnancy. Saif, in particular, was extremely supportive," Kareena said, referring to her husband and popular actor Saif Ali Khan.

In the book, published under the banner of Juggernaut publications, Kareena has shared with expectant mothers her experiences on her journey towards motherhood.

She said that the book is an honest account of her experiences during her two pregnancies.

'When I was approached for the book by the publishers, the only condition I put before them was that I wanted to be completely honest in the book.

"In fact, in the book I have talked about a lot of subjects that many mothers would not like to talk about," she said.

For example, in her book, that was released by filmmaker and her close friend and filmmaker Karan Johar online on Monday evening. Kareena Kapoor has revealed that that during her pregnancy she used gorge on pizzas.

'When I was pregnant, I was a pizza-gorging girl who would demolish one pizza after another and my friends would just watch in disbelief," she said.

The book talks about Kareena's highs and lows and her joys and sorrows during pregnancy.

She says that post her pregnancy, she was in constant fear about whether she would be able to get back in shape.

"After my pregnancy, I had the constant fear that I am not going to get back in shape. There was a lot of mental stress that I was going through at that time. My second pregnancy was, in particular, very difficult.

"I had a lot of moments when I doubted whether everything is going to be fine . Also the second pregnancy was in February this year when the country was going through the Covid pandemic. So I was worried whether everything is going to be fine," she said.

Kareena said that carrying both her babies has been a special time in her life and that she is excited to share the moments and memories with expectant mothers.

"Can’t believe that I actually agreed to write this book… but here it is. Carrying both my babies has been the most special time in my life, and I am excited to share the moments and memories with you," Kareena said.

"We all have our own unique experiences as expectant mothers, but there are some similarities and with this book, I’m sharing my experiences and learnings, and hope that in some way this will help you on your journey towards motherhood," she said.

The book has been co authored by her with Aditi Shah Bhimjyani.

Published by Juggernaut Publications, Kareena Kapoor Khan's Pregnancy Bible is vetted and approved by FOGSI, India's official body of gynaecologists and obstetricians, along with the help of several expert voices like Rujuta Diwekar, Dr. Sonali Gupta and Dr. Prabha Chandra of NIMHANS.

Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan became parents of a baby boy earlier this year. They are now parents to two sons, including their elder son, Taimur.

On the film front, Kareena Kapoor Khan will in the coming days be seen in Aamir Khan's film Laal Singh Chaddha, said to be inspired by Tom Hanks' Forrest Gump.


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