Anoroc Technologies launches Bamchik app platform for short video creation

Anoroc Technologies launches Bamchik app platform for short video creation

New Delhi, August 19, 2021

Among the innovations in the past few decades, social media has inarguably become one of the biggest drivers of change and idea generation. Starting as sources of entertainment, these platforms have gone on to become crucial modes of communication and expression in every facet of our social and professional lives.

Some of the most popular social media applications in the world have the feature of sharing short video snippets to generate quick growth in viewers and high bursts of creativity. Home-grown in India, one of the applications that seems to be a promising platform with these specific tools is Bamchik.

Launched under its parent company, Anoroc, and headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, India, Bamchik is an application designed in India that allows its users to shoot and publish short video compilations with a wide range of effects. Apart from sharing their creative vision, users can participate in regular contests on the platform to earn through their video creations.

  • Udit Pathak, CMO & Co-Founder, Bamchik

    Udit Pathak, CMO & Co-Founder, Bamchik

  • Pulkit Kochhar, Founder & Director, Bamchik

    Pulkit Kochhar, Founder & Director, Bamchik

We spoke with Udit Pathak, CMO & Co-Founder, Bamchik and Pulkit Kochhar, Founder & Director, Bamchik, to understand how they have positioned their platform to best suit the internet-users of today’s India.

Q: What is the Bamchik app, and what can you tell us about its vision?

A: Bamchik is a short video creation platform for audiences of all age groups. The app provides the audiences, especially the youth, an opportunity to come forward and showcase their talent in creative fields of singing, dancing, theatre, comedy, infotainment, etc. On this platform, the users will be able to shoot short-length videos of their inherent talent ranging from music, dance, acting performance, to martial arts, poetry, funny gags, stand-up comedy, beauty tips, workout techniques, just to name a few.

Aiming to be one of the coolest apps in the industry, it wishes to collaborate with exceptional talent at a pan India and global level and enhance the user experience with the creators’ innovative content. The app is presently in its production stages and is being designed to empower Indians to emerge as superstars. It will work in a fashion to unlock opportunities for everyone and anyone who possesses creativity and are in search of a direction and opportunity to showcase their skills and passion.

Q: How does Bamchik compare to its biggest competition such as Instagram Reels, MX TakaTak and others?

A: Talking about the competitors, we don’t really believe that we have any direct competition. Every platform is good in their respective terms. We are a one-of-a-kind short video application made in India that provides a musical and unique no-ad interruption user interface along with offering transparency and a platform for artistes to come forward and share their talent with the globe.

Q: Who is Bamchik’s target audience and its most likely users?

A: Bamchik is an app for users across all age groups. It is free from restrictions of age, gender, culture, etc. We curated the app taking the fact into consideration that in the present times, not only youngsters but kids, middle-aged, and even the elderly generation use short video apps for entertainment.

Q: With Bamchik being available to users below the age of 13, how does it compare with other apps in terms of content use, safety measures and privacy concerns?

A: In terms of content, we have people from theatre, entertainment industry such as actors and singers who are already lined up on our app and they might be the best ones to create amazing content for people.

For safety measures and privacy concerns, you can set an account to be private so that all videos can only be seen by the creator and no one else on the platform. With a private account, you can approve or deny users and limit incoming messages to followers only. Users under 13 will have their accounts set to private-by-default, which means only someone who the user approves as a follower can view their videos.

For users under 13 we are also disabling the feature of direct messaging.

Every content that is uploaded is moderated by our backend team which works round the clock to check if someone is uploading inappropriate content.

We will also be introducing a digital wellbeing element - in which we send alerts to the users under 13 if they are using the app for more than 45 minutes.

Q: Will Bamchik be available to only its users in India, or even globally?

A: Yes, globally! But, as it is in its initial days, we want Indians to explore this application first.

Q: How does one earn cash prizes from the Bamchik app?

A: There are 4 types of contests where the participants can participate and can earn cash prizes. Also, there are lots of features that are coming up. But currently, there are two features such as contest & star category to earn the cash prizes.

Q: What other features and incentives can users expect from the Bamchik app?

A: Bamchik is one of the best user-friendly apps with a unique UI-interface, AR filters to enhance content, beautify filters to sharpen facial features, and background filters to add a soothing touch to the backdrop of videos.

In terms of incentives, we have the Contest and Star categories.

There are four types of weekly Contests based on Bollywood Masala and Entertaining Themes:

1. Social for sharing moments of selflessly serving the society or raising your voice against unjust deeds

2. LOL for making people laugh with fun and humorous content

3. Challenge for pushing your creative limits and shooting extraordinary content with Bamchik’s weekly challenges

4. Talent for Participating in weekly talent-based theme contests wherein you can showcase your skills and be the next Bamchik Star Face

In the Star category, the user has an opportunity to earn cash prizes and Bamchik stars on the basis of their follower base or contest wins. The incentives are as follows:

1. If the user gets at least 10,000 followers or secures the first position in the Bamchik weekly contests, they earn 1 Bamchik star.

2. If the user hits the 100,000 followers mark, they collect 2 Bamchik Stars along with INR 5000 cash prize.

3. The user gets 3 Bamchik Stars and INR 10,000 cash prize for gaining 200,000 followers on the app.

4. After the user hits the 500,000 followers mark, they receive 4 Bamchik Stars along with a cash prize worth INR 50,000.

5. The user earns 5 Bamchik Stars, INR 1 lakh cash prize and a platform to promote their talent for securing a 1 million follower base.

Other than these, we also have a poll feature where participants can rank on the leader board and winners will be decided based on the maximum number of likes. It would be a completely unbiased space where participants will have a transparent competition.

Bamchik can be found on Google Play Store.


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