Annular eclipse of the Sun on Jan 26 to be partially visible in India

NetIndian News Network

New Delhi, Jan 22 (INT) An annular eclipse of the Sun will occur in the afternoon of Monday, January 26, which will be visible from the southern part of India, all places on the eastern coast, most of North-East India, Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep. In general, the partial phases of this annular eclipse are visible from southern Africa, North-Western Antarctica, Australia, South-East Asia and Indonesia, a statement from the Ministry of Earth Science said today. Considering the Earth as a whole, the eclipse will begin at 1027 hrs Indian Standard Time ( IST), when the shadow of the moon first touches the Earth at local sunrise at a point in the South Atlantic Ocean close to Namibia in South of African continent. The eclipse will end at 1631 hrs IST when the Moon's shadow finally leaves the Earth at local sunset at a point very close to south of Cambodia in the South China Sea. The annular phase will begin in the South Atlantic Ocean at 1136 hrs IST. The annular path will pass through the south of the African continent, curve to the north east, cross the southern Indian Ocean, and finally enter the land of southern Sumatra and Western Java, cross central Borneo and end at 1522 hrs IST at a point close to the south of Philippines in the Celebes Sea. The Greatest Phase of the eclipse with magnitude 0.929 will occur at 1329 hrs IST at a point in the Indian Ocean. The maximum duration of annular phase is 7 minutes and 51 seconds. The next solar eclipse will be the century's longest and will occur on July 22 this year. The path of the totality of the eclipse will pass through India, the statement added. INT