Kovind lays stone for campus of JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research in Mysuru

Mysuru, October 12, 2019

President Ram Nath Kovind laid the foundation stone for the campus of the JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research at Varuna village near here on Friday.
Speaking on the occasion, the President was happy to note that the campus is a tribute to Sri Shivarathri Rajendra Mahaswamiji whose 104th Jayanti is being celebrated this year. He said that Sri Suttur Math’s focus on education was strongly encouraged by Sri Shivarathri Deshikendra Mahaswamiji. 
JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research was established in 2008 and is today regarded as a reputed institute of health sciences. He expressed confidence that this new ‘Global Campus’ of the institution will help it to further contribute in the field of education.
Pointing out the healthcare challenges in the country, the President said that India had achieved a lot over the years. 
"Yet, health remains a key development challenge for us. As a country, we are challenged by the triple burden of communicable, non-communicable and new and emerging diseases. Malnutrition and neglected tropical diseases place severe constraints on us. We need to improve access to health services," he said.
The President said that cleanliness and sanitation is the base requirement for tackling many of the country's health-related issues and diseases.
"A nationwide revolution for cleanliness and health is already underway. It must continue and become stronger with each passing day. This would be our tribute to Mahatma Gandhi whose 150th birth anniversary we just celebrated," he said.
The President said that the country's health challenges are linked to its larger socio-economic challenges. 
"Our solutions to meet our health challenges need to be broad-based and multi-pronged. They must use the power of both modern medicine and traditional knowledge. They must focus on both the mind and the body. They must involve both prevention and cure," he added.

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