A rice field in Kerala. NetIndian Photo/Vinita Abraham
A rice field in Kerala. NetIndian Photo/Vinita Abraham
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Total foodgrains production in 2016-17 estimated at record 273.38 mt

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New Delhi, May 9, 2017

India's total foodgrains production in 2016-17 has been estimated at a record 273.38 million tonnes (mt), which is 8.34 mt or 3.15% higher than the previous high of 265.04 mt achieved in 2013-14.
The Third Advance Estimates of production of major crops, released here today by the Department of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmers Welfare, said the estimates for 2016-17 were also higher by 16.37 mt  (6.37%) than the average production of foodgrains in the previous five years (2011-12 to 2015-16).
The estimates for the current year’s production is significantly higher by 21.81 mt (8.67%) than last year’s foodgrain production, an official press release said, quoting the data.
Total production of rice is estimated at record 109.15 mt, which is also a new record.  This year’s estimate of rice production is higher by 2.50 mt (2.34%) than the previous record production of 106.65 mt achieved during 2013-14. It is also higher by 3.73 mt (3.54%) than the five years’ average rice production of 105.42 mt. Production of rice has increased significantly by 4.74 mt (4.54%) over the production of 104.41 mt during 2015-16, the release said.
According to it, production of wheat, estimated at 97.44 mt is also a record. This year’s wheat production is higher by 1.66% than the previous record production of 95.85 mt achieved during 2013-14.  The estimated production of wheat during 2016-17 is also higher by 4.83 mt (5.21%) than the average wheat production of the last five years. The current year’s production is higher by 5.15 mt (5.58%) as compared to wheat production of 92.29 mt achieved during 2015-16.
Production of coarse cereals, estimated at a new record level of 44.39 mt, is higher than the average production by 3.04 mt (7.36%). It is higher than the previous record production of 43.40 mt achieved during 2010-11 by 0.99 mt (2.28%). Current year’s production is also higher by 5.87 mt (15.23%)as compared to their production of 38.52 mt achieved during 2015-16.         
As a result of significant increase in the area coverage and productivity of all major pulses, total production of pulses during 2016-17 is estimated at 22.40 mt, which is higher by 3.15 mt (16.37%) than the previous record production of 19.25 mt achieved during 2013-14.  Production of pulses during 2016-17 is also higher by 4.77 mt (27.03%) than their five years’ average production. Current year’s production is higher by 6.05 mt (37.03%) than the previous year’s production of 16.35 mt.
With an increase of 7.27 mt (28.80%) over the previous year, total oilseeds production in the country is estimated at 32.52 mt. The production of oilseeds during 2016-17 is also higher by 3.27 mt (11.17%) than the five years' average oilseeds production.
Production of sugarcane is estimated at 306.03 mt which is lower by 42.42 mt (-12.17%) than the last year’s production of 348.45 mt.
Despite lower area coverage during 2016-17, higher productivity of cotton has resulted in higher production of 32.58 million bales (of 170 kg each), an increase of 8.57%, as compared to 30.01 million bales during 2015-16.
Production of jute & mesta, estimated at 10.27 million bales (of 180 kg each) is marginally lower (-2.39%) than their production of 10.52 million bales during the last year.