A Blue Dart aircraft transporting essential cargo.
A Blue Dart aircraft transporting essential cargo.
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Private airlines transport domestic medical cargo of about 2,675 tonnes

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New Delhi, April 11, 2020

More than 180 flights have been operated under Lifeline UDAN during COVID-19 lockdown out of which 114 flights were operated by Air India and Alliance Air and 58 flights were operated by the Indian Air Force (IAF).

Domestic cargo operators Blue Dart, Spice jet and Indigo are operating cargo flights on a commercial basis. Spicejet operated 241 cargo flights covering 3,29, 886 kms and carrying 1,993 tonnes of cargo.

Out of these, 175 were domestic cargo flights carrying 1,401 tonnes. Blue Dart operated 82 domestic cargo flights covering 79,916 km and carrying 1,270 tonnes of cargo. Indigo has also operated 15 cargo flights covering 12,206 km and carrying 4.37 tonnes of cargo.

Pawan Hans Ltd operated 5 cargo flights up to April 8 carrying 1.07 tonnes of critical medical supplies to Guwahati, Agartala, Kishwar, Navapachi, Srinagar, Jammu (J&K), Nagpur, Aurangabad, covering a distance of 3561 kilometres.

The cargo comprised COVID-19 related reagents, enzymes, medical equipment, testing kits & PPE, masks, gloves & other accessories of HLL & cargo requisitioned by State/UT Governments and also postal packets.

On April 9, Air India brought 21.77 tonnes of medical equipment from Shanghai. Air India will be operating dedicated scheduled cargo flights to other countries for lifting critical medical equipment as per the requirement.