Misplaced Your Document? Here’s How You Can Get a Duplicate Bike Insurance Copy

Mumbai, October 17, 2020

When you ride a bike in India, there are a few documents that you need to carry with you at all times. One of these documents is an insurance certificate for your two-wheeler. The Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 makes it mandatory to have at least third-party coverage for your bike. You have the option to increase this coverage to a comprehensive policy that provides a more inclusive coverage. 

Not having a bike insurance policy is a legal offence and there are hefty fines for not having one. To avoid these hassles, ensure you always keep it handy while riding your bike. However, it may happen that you lose your insurance certificate. What next? Do you have to buy a new insurance policy all over again? No! You can apply for a duplicate copy of your bike insurance. 

How to get a duplicate copy of your bike insurance certificate?

There are certain steps that you need to follow for applying a duplicate copy of your bike insurance. 

#1 First Information Report (FIR)

The first step is to file a first information report (FIR) with the police authorities. It is done so that there is an official report that your insurance certificate is lost or stolen. Once you have registered your complaint, you need to submit a copy of the FIR to the insurance company. 

#2 Inform the insurer

Next, you need to inform your insurance company that you have misplaced or lost your insurance policy. This way, your insurer can know and issue a duplicate copy to you.

#3 Place an ad in the newspaper 

You need to place a classified advertisement in the local newspaper of your state to announce the loss of your policy. In case someone finds your policy, they can also return it to you. 

#4 Sign an indemnity bond

An indemnity bond needs to be drawn upon a non-judicial stamp paper. Here, you have to mention the policy details too. This indemnity bond must be submitted to your insurance company along with a formal application and copy of FIR. 

While the offline process is a lengthy one, the online application is swift and straightforward. 

 Start with visiting your insurer’s website. 

 Select the policy type and enter the details. If you are unable to extract details about your policy, contact the insurance company’s helpline number. They shall assist you in getting a duplicate policy. 

 Once you enter the necessary details, you will be required to verify whether it is you, the policyholder applying for a duplicate copy. It is done to prevent scammers from accessing your policy details.  

 After verification of your identity, you can access your account and download or print your policy. 

 You can also opt for a soft copy where the insurer will send your policy document over email. 

Whether you have third party insurance for bike or comprehensive vehicle insurance, a duplicate policy comes handy to avoid hefty fines. It is always better to take some time out of your busy schedule to download or apply to your insurer for a duplicate copy of your two-wheeler insurance policy. 

Not only is your insurance policy a necessity, but also an essential document to keep with you while riding your bike. Nowadays, two wheeler insurance renewal online has become hassle-free with digital facilities introduced by insurers. Keep your policy up to date and select the right add-ons as per your requirement.

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