Ministry issues advisory for implementing Rent a Motor Cab/Cycle Schemes

New Delhi, June 3, 2020

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued an advisory based on the suggestions received from certain stakeholders in implementing “Rent a Motor Cab/Cycle" schemes.

According to the advisory, any person driving a commercial vehicle carrying a valid driving license/IDP and a copy of the license for renting motor cab (Form 3/4) or for the motorcycle (Form 2) should not be insisted to produce any badge.

“Rent–a-motorcycle scheme” was to be implemented and licenses to the operators were to be considered. Two-wheelers with a license under "Rent-a-Motorcycle Scheme” should be allowed to drive across the States on payment of relevant taxes.

The Ministry vide SO 437(E) dated 12.06.1989 had notified guidelines for Rent-a-cab scheme and SO 375(E) at 12.05.1997 for the Rent-a-motorcycle Scheme, 1997. These vehicles are used as compared to taxi services by tourists, corporate officials, business travellers and families on holiday across the country.


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