Maruti Suzuki plant at Gurugram in Haryana
Maruti Suzuki plant at Gurugram in HaryanaBidesh Manna/IANS (File photo)

Maruti's Gurugram unit restarts: Workers take on triple load

Gurugram, May 12, 2020

After 48 days of the COVID-induced lockdown, the country's largest car manufacturing company Maruti Suzuki India Ltd (MSIL) restarted its production on Tuesday. One employee will do the work of three amid strict social distancing norms, a company official said.

The company restarted with 3,500 employees in Sector 18 Gurugram plant and 2,500 employees in the Maneser plant. MSIL has developed a digital app called "Wellness Mitra" to contact the labourers.

"Since social distancing is of utmost priority, the company is using 30 per cent manpower to restart plants at both the places. On Day One, we want to prepare a plan of production with limited resources, keeping in mind social distancing," Kuldeep Jhangu, the general secretary of Maruti Suzuki Kamgaar Union (MSKU) said.

"The employees are given training about how to work on manufacturing belt in given period of time. In this case, one employee will do the work of three persons," Jhangu said.

Jhangu said that Gurugram plant has roughly 13,000 employees while there are 9,000 in Maneser. In normal days, both these plants have manufactured 1.5 lakh vehicles in one month. With limited resources, he admits that production will go down significantly.

Rahul Sharma, an employee of Maneser plant said after the morning shift: "Car production with small team is a challenge for everyone in the plant but we will be committed to execute assignments given by seniors. Protection with ongoing coronavirus outbreak is our priority."

Restarting of MSIL has given huge relief to vendor companies dependent on it. Around 3,000 auto component companies are directly or indirectly associated with MSIL.

Amit Khatri, the district magistrate of Gurugram said: "Under the guidelines of MHA, we have given approval of 1,330 industrial units to restart production. With this, 1 lakh labourers are expected to get employment in them. It will also give positive message to labouers wanting to return home.

"We have given clear instructions to the company to maintain social distancing, thermal scanning of employees and sanitisation during production. Their activities will be monitored through dedicated teams under district labour commissioner," Khatri said.


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