Insure Co-Passengers Using Pillion Add-On Cover for Bike Insurance

Mumbai, November 26, 2020

A two-wheeler insurance policy is mandatory by the law. The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 makes it compulsory for all vehicles registered in the country to have a motor insurance policy. Any unforeseen and unexpected events like accidents, damages or even theft can be insured using a two-wheeler insurance policy. 

There are primarily two types of insurance plans - third-party and comprehensive. 

Third-party plan: A third-party two wheeler insurance plan covers only the damages or any loss that is caused to another person, i.e. third-party. Further, any legal obligations that might arise due to such an accident are also covered by your insurer. 

Personal accident cover for owner or rider: Another type of policy that is mandatory along with a third-party insurance plan is the personal accident cover for the owner or rider of the bike. It covers any event of accidental death or disability which may either be permanent or temporary. If you have more than one bike, you need not purchase this policy each time but instead only once. However, the benefits of this cover are not available to the pillion rider. 

Thus, to increase the coverage of your plan, you can opt for a comprehensive bike insurance. 

Comprehensive insurance plan: A comprehensive policy provides for own damage along with third-party coverage. When you purchase a comprehensive policy, the insurance company covers the cost of repairs of your own vehicle along with any injuries sustained in the accident. Further, any unfortunate event of theft or damage to your bike due to natural and man-made perils like earthquakes, storms, hailstorms, etc are covered under a comprehensive policy. Comprehensive policies come with various optional add-ons. One such nifty add-on is the pillion add-on cover. 

What is a pillion add-on cover?

A pillion rider is not automatically covered by the compulsory insurance cover required by the law. So to secure the safety of a pillion rider, comprehensive policies need to be added with additional coverage in form of a pillion add-on cover. It is an optional cover but advisable if you often travel with a pillion. For example, a road trip plan with a pillion but without a pillion insurance add-on is like throwing caution to the wind. 

What are the highlights of a pillion insurance cover?

 A pillion add-on cover for your insurance plan will lower the financial liability in case of any accidental harm to the pillion rider. 

 In case of an accident in which the pillion suffers from a disability, whether partial or permanent, or even death, the insurance company provides monetary compensation. 

 This add-on is commonly available with leading insurance companies to ensure maximum protection for you, the rider as well as your pillion. 

 You need not bear the treatment cost for any injuries sustained by the pillion as your insurance policy covers it. 

Pillions riders are often exposed to higher risk since most of them do not wear any safety gear. So the next time you purchase a policy or a two wheeler insurance renewal, ensure you add a pillion rider cover to your comprehensive plan. 

Lastly, pillion rider isn’t the only add-on that you should purchase but also other add-ons like a zero depreciation add-on, engine protection add-on, etc. A bike insurance calculator is a nifty tool that aids the comparison of the various plans while keeping your premium amount in check. Thus, make the best use of the available add-ons to ensure maximum safety for you as well as your pillion.

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