Delhi Metro's Phase 4 being monitored digitally through indigenous custom-made software
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Delhi Metro's Phase 4 being monitored digitally through indigenous custom-made software

New Delhi, July 4, 2021

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) today said it had implemented a custom-made project monitoring software for monitoring the progress of its Phhase 4 corridors as well as the Patna Metro.

The software, called the Integrated Project Monitoring Software (IPMS), a press release from DMRC said.

Through IPMS, all the stages of project planning and implementation right from the tender stage to revenue operation of each corridor will be monitored including the issues of work front availability such as land availability, tree transplantation and shifting of services and design status. For this purpose, a corridor-wise Master Construction Schedule has been prepared and uploaded in the IPMS.

The release said the IPMS has the features of integration of other construction-related softwares such as Primavera Schedules for Project Planning and 3D BIM (Three-Dimensional Building Information Modelling) and a Mobile App through which the actual progress at site on real-time basis can be uploaded in it.

IPMS will monitor the progress of work of all disciplines - Civil, Electrical & Mechanical and Signalling & Telecommunication contract package wise at the Chief Project Manager and Project Manager levels and Corridor wise at the Directors and Managing Director level.

Role Based Access is provided right from Higher Management to the Junior Engineer level through specially designed Dashboards and a Mobile Application. The project progress can be viewed in Dashboards as well as in 3D Models.

The software was launched in April earlier this year and is being used for monitoring the progress of contract packages which are awarded and in progress. As the works get gradually awarded, they are integrated in IPMS, the release said.

Till Phase 3, DMRC’s project monitoring was being done offline. With the implementation of this new technology, DMRC’s engineers can now monitor the progress of work through this dedicated platform. Specially designed dashboards will feature progress of all major components of construction and their status can be checked just by the click of a button.

The implementation of this software will enable easier round the clock monitoring of projects, as the IPMS portal can be accessed from anywhere on mobiles, laptops, computers. This will also help in better record keeping and knowledge sharing among the engineers. DMRC’s Vendor Payment Portal which carries all relevant information regarding payments made to the vendors will also be integrated with this platform in the days to come, the release said.

"This project by DMRC is an excellent example of the government’s Digital India as well as Atmanirbhar Bharat initiatives. A consortium of three Indian companies has been assigned with this responsibility and the software has been indigenously developed by Indian engineers," the release added.


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