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India adds 16.92 million new mobile phone subscribers in July

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New Delhi, September 8, 2010

India added 16.92 million wireless subscribers in July this year, taking the total number of telephone subscribers in the country to 688.38 million.

This marks a 2.49 per cent growth from the level of 671.69 million in June and took the overall teledensity in the country to 58.17.

According to data issued by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)yesterday, the wireless subscriber base increased from 635.51 Million in June to 652.42 million at the end of July this year, registering a growth of 2.66%. The wireless tele-density stood at 55.14 at the end of July.

The wireline subscriber base declined from 36.18 million in June to 35.96 million at the end of July. Public sector operators BSNL and MTNL hold 83.86 per cent of the wireline market share. The overall wireline teledensity is 3.04.

According to the statement, the total broadband subscriber base in the country has increased from 9.45 million in June to 9.77 million in July, showing a growth of 3.39 per cent.