Here's Why You Should Equip Your Car with an Engine Protection Cover This Monsoon

Mumbai, May 22, 2020

The much-awaited season for most of the people out there, i.e. the rainy season, can prove to be a disaster for a few car owners. Right after the summers, when you crave for the rains, they do bring along their share of problems.

Most of the car drivers are not able to adjust to the changes on road as a result of rainfall. Also, during this season you get to experience more accidents due to slippery roads or engine failure. Not many Indians enjoy driving their cars during the rains, and label it as a season of the worst driving scenarios.

While purchasing a car insurance policy, many people make the mistake of not going through the policy document and end up assuming that the engine protector is included in the base policy, whereas it is an add-on cover. Such minor mistakes can result you in paying a huge amount to repair your damaged engine.

To ensure that this monsoon does not affect your driving, read ahead to know what you can do to prepare your car beforehand.

About Engine Protection Add-on

The Engine Protector Add-on Cover is one of the popular and essential ones in motor insurance. The engine protector has been designed especially to cover any damages caused to the engine of your car.

Your insurer can replace or repair the engine of the car, along with its parts like connecting rods, pistons, etc. Like mentioned earlier, base comprehensive policy will not provide coverage for the damages caused to your engine. Therefore, this particular additional plan exists to cover this exception. Due to floods, there is a good chance of your car’s engine getting damaged, and so you can make use of the Engine Protector Add-on cover while making the insurance claim.

Is this Add-on heavy on your pocket?

The additional amount to be paid differs according to the make and model of your car, and your insurance provider’s pricing policy. Repairing a car’s engine is usually heavy on the pocket. Therefore, if the cost of repairing the engines is compared to paying a nominal additional premium, the add-on cover does not seem costly. You can evaluate your quotes for free with an online car insurance premium calculator.

Who needs this Add-on?

There are a few regions that are recognized as flood-prone. Every year such areas get waterlogged causing the parked cars in that specific area to get damaged. If you own an extremely expensive car that has a costly engine as well, and you reside in a flood-prone area, then it is advised that you opt for the Engine Protection Add-on.

The engine of your car may get damaged severely even due to road accidents that often take place here in India. In this misfortune, certain parts may need replacement. The costs of repairing the car’s engine are high. Therefore, you need an Engine Protection Add-on to cover this.

Final Word

The engine of your car is an integral part and hence it requires a more extensive cover. Even if you have to pay a little extra amount to avail of the Engine Protector Add-on, do it because it will prove extremely productive if there is an unfortunate event like a sudden accident or a natural calamity. But, before you buy it, understand its inclusions and exclusions, so you know why it will be beneficial for you. Lastly, always compare motor insurance online before finalizing any.

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