SBI Credit Card Application Status & Net Banking Facility

Mumbai, March 25, 2021

With the introduction of the credit card, a new era in financial transactions has begun. Plastic money allows users to borrow funds from the issuer up to a predetermined limit to pay for purchases. To avoid fees, the borrowed money should be repaid within the specified time frame.

All that is required of the user is to swipe the card to make a payment at the point of service or to conduct online transactions. To prevent fraudulent activities, the credit card information should be kept secure with the card issuer, and the cardholder shall avoid leaking any data about the card to anyone else.

How to Check SBI Credit Card Application Status?

SBI, or the State Bank of India, is a well-known Indian bank that offers credit card services to its clients. After applying for a credit card, the applicant may check the status of their application either online or offline.

Procedure to Track SBI Credit Card Application Status Online

The State Bank of India has an official web portal where interested clients can apply for a SBI credit card that meets their needs. Applying for a credit card through SBI's official portal is a simple process that allows the applicant to track the status of their application either with or without the application number. Follow the steps below to check the SBI Credit Card application status online.

1. To begin, go to SBI's official home page and select the "Credit Cards" tab from the navigation bar.

2. Now, type the application or reference number and select the "Track" option.

3. If you don't have anything useful, select "Retrieve Application" from the drop-down menu.

4. If Retrieve Application is chosen, the applicant will be prompted to enter their Date of Birth and PAN Card Number.

5. The status of your SBI credit card application will now be sent to you. It may be in the process of being approved, put on hold, dispatched, or disapproved.

Procedure to Track SBI Credit Card Application Status Offline

Applicants can also monitor the status of their SBI Credit Card application by calling the Customer Service Representatives in the offline mode. There are two helpline numbers provided by the State Bank of India:

 1860-180-1290

 390-232-0202

If the applicant uses the second number, they will need to prefix their region's local STD code to obtain information about the credit card application status.

How do you register for SBI Net Banking Online?

You can sign up for a free account on the SBI website. You can check your credit card balance online at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, once you have a User ID and password. You don't have to wait for your monthly statement and bill to come in the mail. SBI Net banking online is a convenient way to check your balance and see your credit card expenses for the month.

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