Adani Transmission Limited
Adani Transmission Limited

Adani Transmission Ltd certified to be water positive

Ahmedabad, November 23, 2022

Adani Transmission Limited (ATL), the largest private transmission and distribution company in India and part of the globally diversified Adani portfolio, has been certified as "water positive" by DNV Business Assurance India Private Limited (DNV).

During August – November 2022, DNV conducted qualitative and quantitative assessment of water balance index at ATL’s substations and transmission line clusters located across India.

Water balance is "the difference between water credit and water debit", where water credit is "the summation of estimated/metered volume of harvested rainwater, groundwater recharge quantities by the company which replaces intake of estimated freshwater" through alternative water source approach.

Water debit denotes the volume of estimated/metered freshwater intake at the substations and transmission lines.

Based on the assessment of water balance index, the total water credits of 49,766.86 m3 against the water debit of 46,894.38 m3 resulted in water balance of 1.06 m3(Positive). ATL defines Water Balance Index as "the ratio of water credit over water debit at each site".

The verification was carried out at 30 substations - HVDC Mundra, HVDC Mahendragarh, Sami, Alwar, Morena, Akola 765KV, Koradi 765KV, Deedwana, Rajnandgaon, Ranpur, Peeplu, Chitri, Bambora, Khatoti, Riyabari, Baytu, Ramji ki Gol, Bar, Ghumati, Ahore, Rajmatai, Bengantikalan, Shekhsar, Ghamurwali, Sorda, Darbhangha Bays, Badaun, Fatehgarh, Dhanbad, Jam Khambhalia. The seven transmission line clusters where this verification was carried out include - Rajasthan & Haryana O&M, CG & MP, Alipurduar, WesternTransco Power Limited, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Ghatampur and Obra.

To a large extent, the verification process was done by means of sample-based checks, the methodology, measurement techniques, estimation methods, assumptions and uncertainties involved in the process of water accounting as adopted by Adani Transmission.

Besides, DNV also performed a desk review of the water balance details and quantification methodology at various sites and rainwater harvesting structures such as rainwater recharge pits and storage pond at these sites. Onsite verification of water credit structures was performed at Akola and Koradi.

Water stewardship is identified as key material issue in ATL ESG strategy, and “Water Positivity” achievement has strengthened ATL commitment towards the alignment with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6 (Ensuring availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all).

"Also, ATL is committed to use the available water resources efficiently, incorporating water conservation through recycle and reuse methodologies," a press release from the company added.


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