EIS Electronics begins production of aviation grade cable, harness

Kanpur, February 6, 2013

EIS Electronics (India) Pvt Ltd, a joint venture between MKU of India and EIS Electronics of Germany to manufacture aviation grade cable and harness, has started production at its facility here in January this year and is expected to operate to its full capacity by the end of September.

MKU is India's leading manufacturer and supplier of ballistic protection and surveillance equipment for armed forces, paramilitary forces and police worldwide.
The MoU was signed between both the companies during Defexpo in February 2012, a press release from the company said.
Mr. Sumit Khandelwal, Director, E.I.S. Electronics India, said, "The facility is the only one of its kind in the region to manufacture aviation grade cable and harness and has received a very warm welcome from aviation industry and OEMs. As the product is largely hand crafted, once the facility starts operating full swing it shall generate substantial job opportunities for the locals, especially females seeking employment." 
"The quality systems, procedures and technology are 100% German. Entire staff of E.I.S. Electronics India has been trained by German counterpart, supervised and monitored by the German entity to ensure consistent quality for which it has been known," he added.
Mr. Thomas Hauschild, MD, E.I.S. Electronics GmbH said, "I am confident that this joint venture will result in producing quality cable harness products further increasing our market share globally, not to mention the huge number of opportunities that we see coming in the next few years in India itself and with number of foreign companies bidding for the defence projects in India, EIS certainly shall serve as a prominent resource partner for foreign manufacturers to effectively discharge their offset obligations in India."

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