Circular economy key to addressing ecological strain on the planet: Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing the Valedictory Function of India-Australia Circular Economy Hackathon through video conferencing, in New Delhi on February 19, 2021.

Circular economy key to addressing ecological strain on the planet: Modi

New Delhi, February 19, 2021

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today stressed the need to look at consumption patterns to see how people could reduce their ecological impact and advocated a circular economy as a key step in solving many of these challenges.

Addressing the valedictory function of the India-Australia Circular Economy Hackathon via video conference, the Prime Minister said, ”As humanity faces the challenges posed by climate change, the theme of this hackathon is relevant to the whole world.

“Consumption-oriented economic models have put a great strain on our planet. We must never forget, that we are not the owners of all that Mother Earth has to offer, but merely its trustees for all the future generations to come.

“It is not enough to make our production processes more efficient and less polluting. Recycling and reusing things, eliminating waste and improving resource efficiency must become part of our lifestyle,” he added.

Modi expressed the hope that innovations showcased at the hackathon will inspire the two countries to take the lead in circular economy solutions. He asked the participants to find ways to scale-up and incubate these ideas.

The energy and enthusiasm of today’s youthful participants in the hackathon was a symbol of the forward-looking partnership between India and Australia. “The strong India-Australia partnership will play an important role in shaping the post-COVID world. And our youth, our young innovators, our startups, will be at the forefront of this partnership,” he added.


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