Cabinet nod for India-Finland MoU for cooperation in Geology & Mineral Resources

New Delhi, September 2, 2020

The Union Cabinet today approved the memorandum of understanding (MoU) for cooperation in the field of geology and mineral resources between the Geological Survey of India and the Geological Survey of Finland.

The MoU facilitates cooperation in the field of geology, training, mineral prognostication and suitability analysis, 3/4D modelling, seismic and other geophysical surveys finalised with the intent of reinforcing and strengthening scientific links between the two organisations.

An official press release said the MoU aimed to provide a framework and a platform to promote and foster cooperation in the fields of geology and mineral resources between the participants for mutual economic, social and environmental benefit; share experiences on geological data management and information dissemination to promote exploration and mining in the areas of geology and mineral resources.

GSI is a premier geo-scientific organisation of an international repute for creation and updating of national geoscientific information and mineral resource assessment.

These objectives are achieved through ground surveys, air-borne and marine surveys, mineral prospecting and investigations, multi-disciplinary geoscientific, geo-technical, geo-environmental and natural hazards studies, glaciology, seismotectonic study and carrying out fundamental research.

Geological Survey of Finland has expertise in multi-thematic data integration and analysis using a spatial platform with special emphasis on 3/4D modelling for mineral prognostication, hazard management, environmental impact assessment, and other areas of socio-economic significance and developing Decision Support System which can be used by users with minimal knowledge of GIS-based modelling.


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