‘Despite the Fog’ Opens the 50th International Film Festival of India

‘Despite the Fog’ Opens the 50th International Film Festival of India

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Panaji, November 20, 2019

The 50th edition of the International Film Festival of India began here today with the screening of the Italian film "Despite the Fog" that looks at the serious issue revolving around minor refugees in Europe.
Speaking at the press conference with the cast and crew, Director Goran Paskaljevic, who had served as jury head at the 44th edition of the festival, said, “It’s an intimate story. There are many films already done on the subject."
“But this is a story about whether people accept or don’t accept refugees in Europe and most cases they don’t. It serves a metaphor to explore the xenophobic fog prevalent in the region,” he added.
The director also used the film to explore his own thoughts on the refugee problem. “I also thought about what would I do if I met an abandoned kid, do I take him with me? Or leave him. That’s how I developed the story.”
Mariella Li Sacchi, one of the producers, stated that she had admired Goran’s work and when she got a chance to read the screenplay, she loved it. “The film isn’t a mainstream film, but a political statement. The theme speaks about the big problem in Europe and especially in Italy. It gets worse every day. I liked that the film didn’t have a documentary style but poetic approach,” Sacchi said.
Ali Mousa, the little star who played the refugee in the film said, “I was happy because Gorang helped me. I learned from the big actors how to promote the film.”
Asked about finding a solution to the refugee problem, the director said the only way forward was "not to create wars". “No one wants to leave their homes, friends and culture,” he said.
The film journeys into the plight of refugees who are abandoned on the streets. In the film, Paolo, a manager at a restaurant finds an eight-year-old child on the cold streets and decides to take him home. The director delves into how society reacts to the presence of the child.
The Asian premiere at the film festival had the actors Paolo Triestino, Alessandra Cotogno and others.
Award-winning Serbian director Goran who has worked in countless films also spoke about the film he made in India, Dev Bhoomi.
It was distributed on Amazon Prime and had 10 million views across the world. “This is my love letter to India. It was shot in Uttarkhand and had a very simple yet emotional story,” he said about how he fell in love in India.

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