V G Siddhartha
V G Siddhartha

Cafe Coffee Day founder V G Siddhartha goes missing in Karnataka


Bengaluru, July 30, 2019

Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) founder V. G. Siddhartha has reportedly gone missing since late on Monday from near Mangaluru in Karnataka, police said on Tuesday.
"A case of Siddhartha missing since Monday night has been filed by his driver at a local police station in Mangaluru. Search is on to trace him," a police official told reporters in the port city on the west coast, about 350 km from Bengaluru.
According to the complaint Basavaraj Patil filed at the police station, Siddhartha got down from the car on the bridge across the Nethrvathi river and asked him to wait at the other end of it as he wanted to walk for a while but did not turn up even an hour later.
Police suspect Siddhartha would have jumped into the flowing river from the bridge as the driver found him missing in the area.
Siddhartha is the son-in-law of former External Affairs Minister and former state chief minister S. M. Krishna, who was for long a leader of the Congress and is now with the BJP.
He sold his entire 20 per cent equity stake in the city-based software major Mindtree Ltd to the Mumbai-based Larsen & Toubro (L&T) for Rs 3,300 crore at Rs 980 per share of Rs 10 face value on March 18.

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