Vote for your future, Priyanka tells people


Gandhinagar, March 12, 2019

Terming the coming Lok Sabha elections "another independence struggle", Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi on Tuesday urged the voters to ask tough questions from the government and raise "real issues" facing them and the country instead of getting drawn into trivialities.
"Those who make tall promises to you, ask them where are the two crore jobs that were promised to the nation? Where is the Rs 15 lakh which was supposed to come into your bank accounts? Ask right questions in these elections," she said while addressing an election rally at Adalaj near here after the Congress Working Committee meeting in Ahmedabad. 
"Irrelevant issues should not be raised. The issues that are to be raised should be about what is most important to you -- how you will progress, how our youth will get employment, how would women feel safe, what will be done for the farmers. These are the real election issues.
"Only your awareness can bring these issues to the front," Priyanka Gandhi said, terming voters' awareness and their votes "their biggest weapons". 
"Your greatest weapon is awareness about the realities facing the country, your vote is your weapon. Use it with after due consideration and due discretion. Ensure that it does not hurt anyone.
"You will have to consider what you are going to vote for. You are going to vote for your future. This nation has been built over the foundations of social harmony and love. But whatever is happening in the country, it pains us," she added.
"You tell them (the Bharatiya Janata Party) what is the true character of this country. The true character of this country is such that it will turn the winds of hatred into breeze of love and compassion.
"This is your country. You have built this nation. It belongs to none other than you people. Only you can protect this nation. Our institutions are being destroyed, hatred is being spread," she said.
"True 'desh bhakti' is getting aware about real problems and challenges before the country." 
Amid slogans comparing her with her grandmother and late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, in her short speech in a conversational style in Hindi, said this was her first visit to Gujarat. 
"When I went to the Gandhi Ashram in Sabarmati, I was almost driven to tears," she said, adding that it was "crucial that the message about real issues should go out from this land of the Mahatma.

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