Air pollution 25 times higher in Faridabad


New Delhi, October 28, 2018

While the air-quality across the national capital was deteriorating, Faridabad on Sunday recorded the worse pollution levels in the region, over 25 times higher than the safe limit, causing confusion among weather experts.
According to Faridabad's pollution monitoring station, the PM2.5 or particles with diameter less than 2.5 mm, was found 1,515 microgrammes per cubic metres at 9 a.m., while by 12 p.m. it dropped to 1,457 units and 1,452 units by 1 p.m.. 
The permissible limits of PM2.5, one of the finest pollutant in air, is 60 units as per national and 25 units as per international standards.
The experts have however, claimed the high readings might have been a technical glitch despite the fact that air-quality of the region was "very-poor" .
"This must be a technical glitch, pollutants cannot be so abnormally high. The 1,515 units of PM2.5 is way more. We are looking into the matter," Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) Member Secretary Prashant Gargav said.
On Sunday, the national capital continued breating toxic air, as the air quality remained very-poor.
By 1 p.m., the average PM2.5 across 36 regions in Delhi was 223 units while average of 48 units in 247 units across NCR.

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