Security forces unearth Maoist dump in Bihar

Patna, February 18, 2015

Security forces in Bihar have made a major haul of arms, explosives and improvised explosive devices allegedly stored by Maoists in the Chakarbandha forest aea in the Dumaria area of Gaya district of Bihar yesterday.
The recovery was made during a joint operation by the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and the State Police on the basis of a credible intelligence input generated by a CRPF officer.
The dump was found inside a deep cave located in a dense forest, a press release from the CRPF said.
According to it, the recoveries included a number of can bombs weighing 40, 25, 10 and 2 kgs, 25 petrol bombs, 23 hand grenades, 90 kg of explosives, 9 kg ammonium nitrade, cordex wire, detonators, radio sets, suitcase IED weighing 20 kg, three 12 bore guns and other miscellaneous articles used for making indigenous explosive devices. 
In an earlier operation on February 2 also, the security forces had unearthed another dump in the same area.
Chakarbandha forest, spread over Gaya and Aurangabad districts of Bihar touching the fringes of neighbouring Jharkhand, was a stronghold of CPI (Maoist) till about two years ago. Since establishment of  CRPF camps in the forest in 2013, the Maoists activities have been effectively checked though their presence continues, the release said.
These recoveries are attributed to the CPI (Maoists) of the Madhya Zone of  Bihar Jharkhand Special Area Committee, the release added.

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