Maoists blow up railway track near Gaya in Bihar

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New Delhi, August 3, 2013

Maoists blow up railway track in Gaya
Suspected Maoists blew up a railway track near Gaya in Bihar on the Howrah-Delhi route of East Central Railway late last night, official sources said.
The explosion, which took place around 11 pm between Paraiya and Guraru stations on the down line (Delhi-Howrah) on the Gaya-Mughalsarai section, blew away about two feet of track, East Central Railway spokesman Amitabh Prabhakar said.
Traffic on the Howrah-Delhi upline was restored soon afterwards after about 12 pandrol clips that were missing were replaced.
The down line was repaired and restored for traffic around 0730 hours today, Mr Prabhakar said.
He said important trains were being moved first and the others would also start moving soon. All trains were running behind schedule by a few hours because of the incident.
The explosion occurred about 20 minutes after the advance engine of the Howrah-Delhi Rajdhani Express crossed the area. In fact, the driver of the engine noticed some suspicious activity and informed the authorities, who promptly stopped trains in both directions as a precautionary measure, Mr Prabhakar said.
The Railways have been running pilot engines ahead of trains as a precautionary measure in Left-wing extremism affected areas. There is usually a gap of one hour between the pilot engine and the train that follows it.
Trains stopped at the Gaya railway station after the blast included the Bhubaneshwar-Delhi Rajdhani and Sealdah-Delhi Rajdhani.
East Central Railway sources said a patrol special had left Gaya at 0205 hours with a police team and reached Paraiya half an hour later. From there, they went to the site on foot.
After inspecting the site, they reported that two feet of rail was missing on the down track and twelve pandrol clips, which hold the rail to the sleepers, were missing on the up track.
The sources said the up track was made fit with speed restrict of 30 kmph at 0610 hours on the Paraiya-Guraru section. The downtrack was restored at 0730 with the same speed restriction.
An East Central Railway press release said the following trains in the Howrah-New Delhi direction were detained at various places as a result of the incident:
• 12301 Kolkatta Rajdhani at Paraiya 23.00 to 06.25 hrs.
• 12313 Sealdah Rajdhani at GAYA 22.40 to 05:50 hrs.
• 22823 Bhubaneswar Rajdhani Express at Gaya Manpur 23.06 to 06:30 hrs.
• 13348 Down Palamu Express at Gaya 00:45 hrs to 06.45 hrs
• 13307 Ganga Sutlaj Express at Paharpur 00.07 to 05:36 hrs.
• 12177 Chambal Express at Koderma 00.37 to 05:42 hrs.
• 12323 Howrah Delhi Exp at Hazaribagh 00.06 to 05:37 hrs.
• 12311 Up Kalka Mail at Gomoh 00.08 to 03:15 and Paraswnath from 03:31 to 05:48 hrs.
• 13009 Up Doon Express at Dhanbad from 03:00 to 04:00 hrs and Gomo from 04:35 to 05:40 hrs.
• 12321 Howrah- Mumbai Mail at Dhanbad from 04.52 to 05.40 hrs.
The following trains were controlled in Eastern Railway System: 12496 Kolkatta-Bikaner Pratap Express, 12987 Sealdah-Ajmer Express and 12307 Howrah-Jodhpur Express.
Trains detained in the New Delhi-Howrah direction were:
• 12820 Orissa Sampark Kranti Express at Guraru from 23:10 to 7:54 hrs.
• 12876 Neelanchal Express at Anugrah Narayan Road from 00.22 to 06.00 hrs.
• 22911 Shipra Express at Sasaram from 00:52 to 06:00 hrs.
• 13308 Ganga-Sutlaj Express at Sone nagar from 01:10 to 05:48 hrs.
• 12440 Ranchi- Rajdhani Express at Kudra from 02.13 to 05.53 hrs.
• 12314 Sealdah Rajdhani Express at Pusauli from 04:35 to 05:55 hrs.
• 22812 Bhubneswar Rajdhani Express Bhabhua Road from 04:46 to 05:54 hrs.
• 13152 Jammu Tawi-Kolkotta Chitpur Express controlled for 80 minutes between Mughalsarai and Sasaram
The following trains were diverted:
(1) 15110 DN Buddha Purnima Express will be Diverted VIA Sasaram – ARA – Patna instead of Gaya-Patna
(2) 12312 Kalka Mail DN will be Diverted VIA Mughalsarai- Patna – Jhajha – Aadansol instead of Mughalsarai-Gaya-Dhanbad.

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