Image courtesy: Timerabbit
Image courtesy: Timerabbit

Two startups that complement your use of Twitter, Facebook

By Sorab Ghaswalla

Mumbai, March 9, 2013

Two startups caught my eye this week, one of them from India, and both revolving around well-known social media sites. 

From experience I can tell you that India lags behind where the startups eco-system is concerned compared to the rest of the world. So I make it a point to talk of an India-located startup as and when a new one pops up.
This one’s called Tweriod and it’s just come online. Tweriod (pronounced as Twe – roid…..a service that improves the performance and effectiveness of your twitter posts) is a social networking tool that is a Twitter enhancer. Enhancers are tools or services that help boost your online performance.
This one promises of pumping up your act where micro-blog Twitter is concerned. It takes charge of your Twitter account completely, scrutinises the past, looks at the tweets posted by your followers, and then comes up with a detailed plan that tells you when’s the right time for you to tweet for maximum leverage.
That’s the basic nut and bolts stuff. The way you use Tweriod is also very simple. But before I go any further, let me just tell you that this startup is in no way connected to Twitter.
There are two versions of Tweriod, of course, the free and the premium. You simply go on the Tweriod website and sign in with your Twitter account, and then give Tweriod permission to analyse your account. The tool then tracks down all the followers from your Twitter account. Depending on which version you have subscribed to, it will go down to 1000 followers (free) and 5000 followers (paid), track their last 200 tweets, your very own past 200 tweets, as well as gather information on all the people that you are following on Twitter.
Based on all this information, it then analyses the best time slots for you to tweet. The data gathered from your account is put up in analytical charts indicating the best times when your followers are most active. This means whatever you tweet in these hours is bound to get you maximum response from your Twitter fans.
The information is very systematic and it even has facts such as those followers who are active on which weekdays and the ones who are more responsive on the weekends.
The report that Tweriod draw up for you is sent to you either as a direct message in your Twitter account or to your email, complete with graph and all. The duration of receiving the reports ideally depends on the number of followers you have on Twitter.
Now, you will ask me, how does all this help? Well, because of all the content explosion around us, it is highly probable that whatever you post or tweet sinks without a trace, or without provoking a murmur. For the average Joe, a tool like Tweriod helps in getting whatever it is he or she has to say, to the largest number of followers or fans, and thus evoke a response or initiate a debate.
For the online marketer, this kind of tool can be of immense help because he can them time his marketing related tweets to the time when his target audience is on Twitter. Tweriod can be a highly effective communication tool, I feel. Plus, the basic version is free, so no sweat off your back to try it out, right?
The other startup that I am going to talk of now, too, revolves around a well-known social media site –Facebook. Called TimeRabbit, the app has been developed by software company Breakpoint Software Development Inc.
TimeRabbit is not a tool. It is a standalone browser-based application, meaning it can be used in any browser from Firefox to Windows Internet Explorer. Now, the thing you can do with TimeRabbit is to monitor how much time you spend daily on your Facebook account. That’s right. Like I told someone in jest once, this is an ideal app for Facebook junkies, those of you out there who cannot do without their daily ‘fix’ of this social site.
As soon as you log into your FB account, TimeRabbit starts your Time counter. Since it is located in your browser, you do not have to do anything special. It tallies seconds, minutes & hours as long as you are on FB. It pauses the counter once it notices that you are idle. How? Whenever you stop moving your computer mouse or stop using your keyboard for over 30 seconds, the counter stops running. And after you have logged out from your account, the timer stops five seconds later. TimeRabbit gives you a breakdown of your statistics (weekly, monthly as well as lifetime) of your time spent on FB. Howzzat?
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