4 industrial workers die in gas leakage in Tarapur near Mumbai

NetIndian News Network

Thane, September 20, 2011

Four industrial workers died in a gas leakage at a unit in the Tarapur Industial Estate late tonight, reports reaching the district headquarters said.

The reports said that there was a leakage of hydrogen sulphide in a plant of Sequential Scientific Limited at the Tarapur MIDC, in which the workers who were working in the plant were affected.

While four of them died due to the leakage, three others were badly affected. They have been admitted to a local hospital in an unconscious condition, police said.

Of the four dead, two have been identified as Haresh Yadav and Vishnu Singh. The identities of the other two were yet to be established, they said and added that a rescue team had rushed to the factory for relief operations.