France supports India's bid for UN Security Council seat
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in a meeting with the French President Nicholas Sarkozy, on the sidelines of the Nuclear Security Summit, in Washington on April 13, 2010.

France supports India's bid for UN Security Council seat

New Delhi, April 14, 2010

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has reiterated his country's support for India's bid for a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council, saying the country should get its rightful place in the comity of nations.

At a meeting with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in Washington on Tuesday, the two leaders also agreed to beef up the efforts of the international community on counter-terrorism which, they said, touched and affected everybody.

Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Vishnu Prakash said the two leaders had a very good discussionon regional issues of mutual interest, including the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Mr Prakash said the two leaders also had detailed discussions on G-20, especially in the context of the upcoming French Presidency of the European Union. Mr Sarkozy outlined his views on the role of the G-20 in the post-economic recovery phase and spoke about his desire to push towards a new world monetary order. They also exchanged views on commodity price regulation.

Dr Singh said the G-20, in order to continue to remain relevant and enhance its relevance, should formulate concrete steps to sustain the global economic recovery. He said the G-20 should also decide what aspects it should maintain its focus on and cautioned against complacency.

Mr Prakash said the meeting was held in a "very warm and friendly atmosphere", given the convergence of views and interests between India and France.

Dr Singh reiterated an invitation to Mr Sarkozy to visit India. The visit is likely to take place in the last quarter of this year.

Both sides expressed satisfaction and happiness at the relationship of strategic partnership which was forged in 1998.

Dr Singh visited France in September 2008 whenthe two countries signed an inter-governmental agreement on civil nuclear corporation. The Prime Minister visited Paris again in July last year, when he was the Guest of Honour at the French National Day celebrations.

Mr Sarkozy visited India in January 2008 and was the chief guest at the Republic Day celebrations.

Apart from these visits, the two leaders have met regularly on the sidelines of international conferences and fora.


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