Obama, Manmohan to meet on April 2 in London

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Delhi, Mar 30

United States President Barack Obama will meet Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for the first time on April 2 in London on the sidelines of the G20 Summit, the White House announced on Wednesday.
The meeting with Dr Singh is among the few bilateral meetings that President Obama is scheduled to have during his London trip.
White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said the President would meet British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Queen Elizabeth during his stay in London.
On April 1, he is due to meet the Presidents of China and Russia. On April 2, apart from Dr Singh, he is scheduled to meet the South Korean President, Mr Gibbs said.
President Obama and Dr Singh are, among other things, are expected to discuss the fight against terrorism and the situation in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Mr Gibbs said the President was looking forward to working in concert with the G20 leders to get the world economy moving again.
"And I think what you'll see come out of this summit will be an agreement on further evaluating what efforts need to be taken to meet the drop in global demand. I think you'll see the President talk about -- and there will be some broad agreement on a changing of the rules of the road and financial regulation," he said.
"And lastly, I think you've already seen agreement among many of the nations that are going to be involved in the G20 to look for ways at stimulating export growth that we've seen pull back considerably in this global recession and how that has affected and impacted developing nations most of all -- what that means for each individual countries are exports and real jobs.
"And so I think the President looks forward to that. I think the President believes that what will come out of this will be broad agreement among the G20 on the steps that we have to take to get our economy moving again," Mr Gibbs added.