Ways to get creative with your home walls

Mumbai, July 27, 2022

If you are looking to make an impact with the colour of your walls on every visitor, then your home needs to be unique. What is better than a warm and welcoming place that has a place for everyone that is also stylish? Trends come and go but it is really important to think about what you want for your home. Here are a few ways you can spice up your walls and get creative.

  1. Stacks of art – A wall that has a neutral background is ideal for displaying art. However, if you are planning on displaying sketches on paper, then you can go for a flamboyant wall that will highlight the art displayed as well. A simple wall painting paired with amazing art always looks good.

  2. Spaces between bookshelves – If you have a bookshelf and you have stacked books on walls, you can see the wall between books. This small negative space can be decorated to make a big impact on the room. A textured wall or a wall painting can look beautiful and give your books a much-needed elevation.

  3. Faux items – If you are a fan of innovative interiors then you should get creative with shapes and sizes. For example, try decorating a window like a blue door from Santorini. You can also try painting a wall like an English telephone booth where you have kept your house phones.

  4. Vintage items – The 80s are coming back and vintage is in. Try incorporating vintage wall hangings, wooden frames, and vintage colours on walls to give the room an older look. Don’t bother covering up the wear and tear over time that goes with the theme.

  5. Walls for the minimalist – Minimalistic approach is what most people seem to be adopting post the pandemic. More people want to see big and open spaces in their homes and create spaces or corners for them to practice yoga. The ideal walls for such a space would be white or any lighter colour. Avoid pastel colours as the furniture is lesser and you don’t want it to look pale in front of your wall. Try adding natural colours in the form of potted plants or flowers.

  6. Tall ceilings – Tall ceilings are rarely seen in recent constructions. However, if you have tall ceilings, then you should definitely take advantage of them. Try adding a chandelier and combine it with attractive corners and light colours. You can also create your own art gallery or a gallery of photos from ceiling to floor.

  7. Bedroom walls – Try to avoid cramming too many colours in the bedroom as it can over-stimulate your brain and can be unhelpful when you are trying to relax. When you are trying to sleep, you need a calm environment and that is why you should go with lighter colours. A tried and tested colour combination for bedroom is a cool colour scheme.

  8. Full coverage of the wall – If you are a fan of art, then you can think of getting a mural painted on the wall. If you wish to do it in the living room, then it can give the feeling of being in a museum. At the same time, if you are looking to decorate the walls of your kids’ bedroom then you can consider something along the lines of a doodle.

  9. Miniature elements – Miniature paintings, designs, and corners on the wall look good too. Find niches and corners that you redo by using this concept. Miniature paintings allow you to incorporate multiple elements on the wall and you can easily switch from traditional designs to modern ones.

  10. Grand and casual – Don’t shy away from including multiple designs in your living area. The mix of designs and colours can make your space look super stylish if done properly.

These are just a few ways to make your walls memorable. Whenever a visitor comes home, they are sure to remember your home and compliment you. The walls are the most seen part of your house so choose your option wisely and include what truly makes your heart soar.

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