Monopoly is updating its community chest cards and you get to decide how

Monopoly is updating its community chest cards and you get to decide how

New Delhi, March 25, 2021

Hasbro, Inc. has announced that for the first time in its 85+ years, Monopoly will be re-imagining all 16 of its Community Chest Cards.

True to its longstanding history of inviting its fans to help make changes to the game, and during a time when the community means more than ever before, Monopoly is asking consumers worldwide to determine the 16 new cards by voting here.

Covering a wide range of topics including beauty contests, holiday funds and life insurance, Hasbro felt that the popular board game’s Community Chest Cards were long overdue for a refresh. Especially, when the term “community” took on a whole new meaning in the tumultuous year of 2020.

Hasbro is counting on their fans to help reflect what community means in their real lives, into the Monopoly game, by voting for new cards like “Shop Local”, “Rescue A Puppy” or “Helping Your Neighbours,” the company said in a press release.

To further highlight the Monopoly brand’s commitment to the community, Hasbro India will donate one toy for each fan vote on the Community Chest Challenge. The donations will include a variety of toys and games worth up to Rs 30,00,000 towards non-profit organizations such as Save the Children for their education-focused programmes and to safeguard children’s right to play; Nargis Dutt Foundation for their education, health and women empowerment programmes and other select partner non-profit organizations, the release said.

“The world has embraced a new sense of community and so have we. Our fans are passionate about Monopoly, and we are excited to get their inputs on the new Community Chest Cards. This is a significant step in bringing fans closer to the brand and in capturing this renewed community spirit through toy donations in India,” said Bhavesh Somaya, General Manager – South Asia, Hasbro.

Madhura Kapdi, Director, Campaigns and Communication, Save the Children, India said, “Play encourages imagination, curiosity and exploration of solutions in a child. The right to play is a must for the overall growth and development of every child. Hasbro and Save the Children both believe in this idea and we appreciate the commitment of Hasbro to spread the value of play now more than ever, as millions of children experience the joys of play after a tumultuous year.”

The new Monopoly game with the fan-voted Community Chest Cards will be available in India by early 2022. Fans could head to to cast their vote on the new Community Chest Cards that best represent the individual and the community. Up to date on news for the Community Chest Card vote and winners will be available on Hasbro Gaming’s Instagram and Facebook pages.


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