Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness

Watching nature on TV can boost wellbeing, finds new study

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Ways of staying active and managing arthritis from home during the pandemic

Shweta Singhai

Statins reduce COVID-19 severity, likely by removing cholesterol that virus uses to infect

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‘Awe Walks’ Boost Emotional Well-Being

By Nicholas Weiler

The surreal experience of attending a real-life conference during a pandemic

In person, at the first real-life event since COVID-19

By Ben Deighton

Glucoregulatory neurons within the hypothalamic arcuate nucleus-median eminence of the brain are enmeshed by extracellular matrices known as perineuronal nets that can profoundly impact neuronal function. Latest findings implicate these structures in both brain control of glucose homeostasis and as potential targets for diabetes treatment.

The brain can induce diabetes remission in rodents, but how?

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Image showing thyroid/parathyroid in color against skeleton and various organs.

Thyroid inflammation linked to anxiety disorders

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