6 Upcoming Fusion Foods You Must Try

Mumbai, June 27, 2022

Fusion food and cuisine is the new trend that has been doing the rounds lately. When you don’t want one cuisine but two, it is an amalgamation of two or more cuisines where elements from different cuisines lead to an eclectic dish. It is like getting the best of both worlds.

Did you ever think mixing two different cuisines could lead to a delicious and appealing dish? No, right. While there are famous food joints that have introduced some of their fusion foods, there are restaurants that are dedicated to fusion meals. So, if you have been a bit wary about trying different or unfamiliar food items, fusion dishes can solve your problem as they can acclimate your taste buds by combining distinct flavours with a familiar one. Thus, here is a list of fusion foods you must try and include in your menu while serving guests at home or dining in a restaurant to satisfy your appetite differently.

1. Burger Pizza:

One of the famous food joints, Domino’s has always been a pioneer when it comes to introducing something interesting or fusion food. Known for its soul-stirring taste, their gastronomic journey keeps achieving milestones. With yet another new addition, oven-baked burger pizza is the mixed taste of the two most popular fast foods to create ultimate taste. Burger-sized, this pizza is sandwiched between two buns like a burger and is filled with toppings like vegetables, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and herbs like a pizza. Domino’s offers many other fusion dishes like paratha pizza, zingy parcel, chicken pizza, etc.

2. Vada Pao Bao:

Mixing cuisine or delicacies has given birth to interesting dishes. A delight to the pav-haters is the Vada pao bao. It is the Vada stuffed inside pita bread in place of pao and served with sauce, pickle, or chutney. Unlike the original Vada pao made of potatoes, this Vada is made up of onions. If you want to binge-watch and have a light bar snack option, have guests coming in, or treat someone special, this dish is going to be a perfect choice offering a delicious taste.

3. Paneer Quesadilla:

A little twist here and there doesn’t harm cooking. Instead, the result is an appealing fusion dish. An Indian taste on a Mexican quesadilla by adding paneer filling, cheese, and vegetables resulted in this mouth-watering fusion recipe, paneer quesadilla. It is a folded tortilla filled with vegetable filling and cheese. Serve it with sour cream or chutney, and you are not just going to impress your guests but also your tummy.

4. Dosa Masala Burger:

Every imagined a burger that tastes like dosa and sambar? If not, it’s time to believe that it is a reality. Dosa Masala burger is yet another famous fusion food that will be loved by south-Indian cuisine lovers. The burger comes with a vegetable patty in Indian spices with a taste of sambar. It is served with a tangy rasam sauce that enhances the south-Indian taste like never before. When you are in the mood for South-Indian cuisine but don’t want to gobble a whole dosa, you know what to order now.

5. Chicken Wonton Tacos:

If you are a taco lover, it’s time to change your taco night game with these amazing chicken wonton tacos. Yes, you read it right! They are crispy and light taco shells with chicken wontons as a filling topped with salad slaw. When you want to taste Asian and Mexican together, and don’t know what to choose, the chicken wonton taco dish will satiate your hankerings.

6. Tandoori Chicken Burger:

Hamburgers are always popular because they are super tasty. A fusion traditional twist has made it even more interesting by adding Indian tandoori chicken to an American burger. This Indo-American cuisine fusion tastes scrumptious when served with green chutney. So when you are in the mood to relish American cuisine but your taste bud is craving Indian spices, the tandoor chicken burger is the best option.

Even though not an entirely new concept, fusion food is in demand and gaining popularity. Such dishes make even a casual party impressive by bringing together the cuisine from different regions. So, the next time you wish to add an interesting element to your party, at-home dining or otherwise, don’t forget to offer or order a fusion item.

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